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  1. NC Beach Hunting

    Is it permissible to detect on Atlantic Beach and south of Atlantic beaches?
  2. Metal Detector Rental

    Visiting the Hudson area for a funeral. Didn't want to pay the check bag fee for the metal detector. Is there any metal detector rentals near Clearwater beach or North to the Hudson area? Thanks Dan
  3. Trip to Clearwater Beach

    Flew down to Florida to pick up Mom and Dad. Decided to bring my detector. I made a travel scoop using a three piece broom handle, two u-bolts, and two self tapping screws. It fit well in my suitcase. Four hours at Clearwater Beach and these are my finds. The bracelet and ring are Silver. I had...
  4. Wanted Long Handle Sand Scoop

    Looking for a long handle sand scoop. Not looking for a high end scoop, just something that will only be used once or twice a year.
  5. NEPA Metal Detecting Club looking for New Members

    Jeff we would love to have you as a member. We had a meeting last night. Next meeting February 9th. Hope to see you.
  6. NEPA Metal Detecting Club looking for New Members

    The Susquehanna Valley Metal Detecting Club is looking for new members. We meet on the second Thursday of every month in Bloomsburg, PA. For more information about the club and how to become a member go to
  7. Columbia County

    Hello NEPAMD, I live in Sugarloaf and frequent Bloomsburg regularly. I belong to the Susquehanna Valley Metal Detecting Club, They meet up the second Thursday of every month. Great bunch of guys, all ages. Once the weather breaks maybe we could do some detecting.
  8. Group trip?

    I would love to go! Keep me on your list of people who want to go.
  9. Visiting South-East North Carolina

    I plan on visiting the New Bern Area at the end of October. I was hoping to do some beach detecting. I see Atlantic Beach is not too far away. Can anyone tell me if its permissible to metal detect Atlantic Beach. If anyone has any other beach locations to suggest it would be greatly appreciated...
  10. CT. Metal Detecting law refreasher

    I see that the city of Norwich is off limits. Can anyone tell me if Mohegan Park is off limits.
  11. Looking for Fall Hunts

    Hi I am originally from Ct and relocated to PA many years ago. I really miss the New England Area and all the great sites it has to offer for metal detecting. I am looking for any unseeded hunts this fall in the New England Area. If anyone knows of upcoming hunts I would greatly appreciate that...
  12. Vacationing in Houston

    Gonna be visiting the Houston area next month, March 2016. Thought I might do a little beach detecting at Galveston Island. Can anyone tell me if theres better spots to detect along that beach, I would appreciate it. Also theres alot of jetties along that beach, does that play along with how...
  13. Vacationing Cypress Texas

    Coming down to Cypress Texas the first week of March. Thought I might bring the detector, any beaches nearby? I appreciate any info you can pass along. Thanks Treasure Quest
  14. What Pennsylvania County do you live in?

    Luzerne County
  15. Overseas Beach Trip

    Good one Ron, but I already did that many adventures ago. I was hoping to go to beaches that don't get detected heavily. I will keep looking. Happy New Year! and happy hunting.
  16. Overseas Beach Trip

    Hey Ron, I dont have a destination in mind. I'm looking to join anyone that might be going on an overseas trip.
  17. Scranton Park Detecting

    Can anyone tell me if theres any ordinance against detecting in the city parks? I didn't see anything on the parks rules website but sometimes the local police have there own interpretation of the rules.
  18. Overseas Beach Trip

    Looking to see if anyone is planning a detecting trip to a warm beach overseas and would like another detectorist to come along. Please let me know if anyone has info on a trip. Thanks and Happy New Year!
  19. Tides and Currents

    Does anyone believe that items lost in the water move with the current or tide? I have talked with several water detectorist and get different views on this subject. I understand it depends on the item, ring, coin or jewelry. Let me know what you think.
  20. Heading to the Gulf Coast Fl

    I'm heading down to the Tarpon Springs area next month. Can anyone tell me if its permissible to hunt the Anclote Keys Island or sand bar to the north. Also how about Howard Park Causway? Looking for places to go while the wife is shopping, any help would be appreciated. :icon_thumleft: