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  1. First Gold find!

    Nice Gold!!
  2. Sluice plans? Additional tips?

    Hello everyone, I just recently became interested in prospecting. I don't want to spend the money on a sluice box or highbanker yet because I'm a beginner and I don't want to put a lot of money into something I haven't had much experience with. So I was wondering if anyone knew of some good...
  3. In the nick of time!

    Nice hunt! Always good to find silver.
  4. Who says hunted out? Five short hunts on pounded ground

    Incredible finds! Awesome reale!
  5. 157 Coins And A Heavy Sterling Charm Bracelet

    Solid haul! A school never fails to yield a ton of coins.
  6. Cleaning clad coins

    I soak mine in vinegar and then warm water.
  7. Not the best day but i got a couple buttons!

    Awesome pair of buttons! Silver too!
  8. Mugsy Finds a deep coin spill for me!!!!!!! Boom Baby!!!!!!

    Awesome coin spill!! Beautiful silver!
  9. Past week finds. Need help identifying!

    The knife is breathtaking! Awesome finds!!
  10. King George II woooohooooo

    Amazing find! Hopefully many more to come!
  11. Some nice colonial finds

    Sweet finds!
  12. First time hunting at the beach

    No site is ever hunted out. Its a beach! People still drop things! Congrats on the finds!