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  1. This guy is tight lipped about his find, to the extreme!

    Oh well…The world is still turning…Investors were his big mistake… Ed T;)
  2. What is the Greatest find ever on this site?

    I seem to recall that years ago there was an incident with a 20 oz gold nugget or something to that effect...If my memory serves me correctly they murdered the finder trying to get the nugget from him... There are some cut throat low lives in the treasure hunting world...But I don't think that...
  3. What is the Greatest find ever on this site?

    Cursum Perficio Map or the Abe Reid Map I personally believe this to be the greatest find…lol But how does one prove they have found said site? Ed T :)
  4. Time to rock!

    Here is a modern image of the PSM’s…lol Ed T :)
  5. Time to rock!

  6. Time to rock!

  7. Songs that ticked off the establishment

    Here is an oldie many modern Americans can relate to in this day and age…I don’t think it has made the list… Ed T:)

    Garnet schist??? Ed T
  9. Map explanations please

    I am a simple man kanacki…I do not require all that much to be happy…IF worse comes to worse I can always pitch a tent on some prime Texas land…Jeff bezos is one of my neighbors… Anyhow…I believe the Jesuits hid Santa Fe so well due to the treasures it contains…I really don’t have any idea of...
  10. Map explanations please

    There are some things in life that are worth much more than cash…Hell I still claim that cash and credit are the mark of ,Solomon, the beast… But what do I know??? I have even claimed to have found Santa Fe among other treasure tales as well…lol IF anyone decides too meet my price…I will share...
  11. Aarchaen Green Gold (Copper Gold Ore)

    Yes Clay…It is 5-7-5-7-7-7…I am a paranoid person by nature, so I don’t take my phone with me to certain areas of interest…I found it rather interesting after doing a search on olivine gabbro that I was told I could not take my ore with me in my carry on onto a plane…They probably thought I had...
  12. Aarchaen Green Gold (Copper Gold Ore)

    Now There Will Be Hell To Pay (Bussokusekika) I had some nice ore I thought I would buy a house Here in the US It was a nice down payment But the three took it from me Now there will be hell to pay Edwin Tanguma 10/19/2021 This one is a silly poem that some of you may know what it is about…Oh...
  13. Manfred Mann's Earth Band

    I still crack up when I hear “gave my anus curly whirly and asked me if I needed a ride” lol They don’t write songs like they used too… Ed T
  14. Leverite? Or gold bearing rock?

    Pegmatite? Ed T
  15. Cursum Perficio Map or the Abe Reid Map

    If I were speaking hypothetically…IF I have found the area I claim to have found, how much might said information be worth??? Heck there is a space race among billionaires…And it would appear not one of them is interested in visiting the area I have stumbled upon… lol I guess there isn’t a...
  16. Map explanations please

    I am certainly no Don Jose but I do believe I have stumbled upon Tayopa, or at least one of the 3…I could be wrong, mind you, but I too have the right to dream… The area I have been to meets the description of several treasure legends, it even matches up with the legend of Santa Fe, of the...
  17. Aarchaen Green Gold (Copper Gold Ore)

    Nice specimen, it makes me wonder. If you find a specimen, in a foreign land, which contains over $10,000 of rare elements, do you have to declare it when entering the USA from a foreign country? I am just curious. Ed T
  18. Misc data and adventures of a Tayopa treasure hunter

    I have had a terrible week. I had a very valuable piece of ore taken from me at the airport on the way home. There went the down payment on the house of my dreams. Lol Oh well. I will not cry over spilled milk. I wish whomever ends up with said ore much luck in trying too find where it came...
  19. Misc data and adventures of a Tayopa treasure hunter

    Hello from down South?Here is a picture from my current trip that some of you may find interesting. IF I am on the correct path to Tayopa, I wonder IF these could be the 2 runt hills? In any case, I had a wonderful time. I too wonder IF I have been to the Mesa campanero. Only time will tell...
  20. Dick Holmes clues

    Anyone can make any claim they wish Steve. Hell, I have made a number of claims myself, though I have not filed a single claim yet. I do not want to let any cats out of the bag. lol I wonder IF anyone has come close to finding any of my little playgrounds yet? Ed T