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  1. Retail near Ft. Myers

    Are there any places to purchase metal detectors and supplies near Ft. Myers.? Thanks
  2. Lee County

    Thanks for the info... Not a restrictive as I thought. Gonna be around pine island in a few weeks. I’m also looking for a place to purchase a detector near Ft. Myers area.
  3. Need help?

    This is probably a long shot but...... is anyone looking for a diver to help in their search? Been diving on and off since the 80’s. Retired now, traveling a lot in a camper with the wife. Have lots of time and interest......if not. Thanks for looking anyway.
  4. florida shipwreck laws

    Exactly.....we don’t have the money. But if you commit a crime in New York ....your out the next day!!! Because average or poor people can’t afford bail so they did away with bail requirements!!! Asinine!!
  5. Lee County

    WEll.... I’m headed back to Florida soon. Gonna start in Lee county. I’m having trouble finding the metal detecting ordinances. I want to do it by the book. Can someone point me in the right direction? Maybe you now the ordinance number I’m looking for? Thanks
  6. Beautifull chart

    Congrats on anyone who bought these, especially when I posted..... TSM is around $125 And GNRC is $252. $$$$$$$$$$$ I will never pump a stock...just giving good solid advice!!!
  7. Garrett ace

    So I was looking at the Garrett 150 again. The resistance of the receive coil is still around 4 ohms. Seems good. The resistance of the transmit coil yesterday was around 20 million ohms and today it reads infinity! Go figure. I’m just going to replace the coil. There is a small nick on...
  8. What Pennsylvania County do you live in?

    Lehigh county,pa
  9. Hunting buddy

    So I’m down in Homestead now. It doesn’t look like I’m gonna make it to your area. I’ll be leaving Mon. For lake okeechobee area. Wasn’t able to do any detecting so far...Did a lot of tourist stuff...Had to take the wife to key west for a couple days etc.
  10. what stock investment site is better?

    Try looking at Stocktwits.
  11. what stock investment site is better?

    Historically....the stock market has outperformed any investment. Beside possibly collectibles.
  12. Beautifull chart

    Earthquakes in Puerto Rico should help GNRC.
  13. Hunting buddy

    Ok, sounds good Dave. I should be down there last week in Jan. I’ll have a few weeks of R&R there.
  14. Beautifull chart

    Been trading for long time. I don’t touch penny stocks anymore. I like IBD’s strategy. Buy best performing stocks in the hottest sectors. Set a stop at 6 % below purchase. Sell losers,let winners run!
  15. Hunting buddy

    I’ll be in Homestead area soon. Looking for someone to detect with. Would love to hit some beaches.
  16. Beautifull chart

    Here are two stocks I like. GNRC TSM I own both..good luck...merry Christmas
  17. Garrett ace

    It would not detect anything in any mode. Just turned in on and all icons lit up and sounded like a slot machine paying out! That lasted for about 10 seconds then it seemed to work fine. Its intermittent. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t.
  18. Help identifying hallmark

    I cannot find anything on this hallmark. So I thought I would try posting here. Thanks
  19. Coil Garrett ACE 250

    I just tested the coil resistance of my Garett ace 150. I get 3.6 ohms between pins 1-3and 103 ohms between pins 2-4. The latter seems a little high. Could this be a bad coil?
  20. Garrett ace

    So my Garrett ace 250 works sometimes and other times it won’t detect anything. I have an electrical background and would like to try and troubleshoot it my self. It has been kept in great shape,no damage.hasnever been dropped. Are their schematics available? What kind of tests can I do...