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  1. Important !! : Big upcoming event, could be deadly

    I hate to sound like a conspiracy nut, but my wife just told me that on February 14th there will be an event coming up that could mean BIG trouble if it is ignored. Details are scarce. Sorry, that's all I know. Anyone else heard about this?
  2. Stage Robbers Loot Hidden East of Gillette ????,+AZ+85324/@34.0188297,-112.1729741,2192m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x872c99e10479fd4f:0x78a3f829e4ef04b1!8m2!3d34.0189228!4d-112.1634932...
  3. I lost my wedding ring.,+NM/@36.7409288,-108.1827461,14837m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x873d2332bd19bb0f:0xefbdec3429a7f127!8m2!3d36.3882439!4d-108.2377519
  4. I lost my wedding ring.

    I lost my wedding ring and I'm hoping someone here can help me find it by indicating a general location. I know it's bound to be at either "A" or "B". If it's "A" I'll keep looking. If it's "B" I might as well give up. Is anyone interested in trying to dowse for the ring? What would you need...
  5. Dowsing in the water and wastewater field

    My brother worked for years for a municipal water and wastewater department. He said that there were two fellas who could dowse in the department. They used them to locate water lines, drain lines, lost tools or anything else that was buried. The department had all the conventional methods of...
  6. old road and trails nm

    The map can be purchased for $24.95 plus $7.00 shipping. There are also other old maps for sale from the same source. Click on the link below. New Mexico Hand Drawn Historical Map by Perry C. Van Arsdale at The Dolan House
  7. Treasure Cave

    The park's name was changed to Wyalusing State Park. The Treasure Cave entrance was eventually opened and taking a tour of the cave is one of the bigger attractions of Wyalusing State Park.
  8. Lost Adams show on the Travel channel

    I just watched the Lost Adams episode and had an observation to share. In the show the Feldman Brothers were researching in a library and found an old Army record of a man (not Adams) who said he found an area rich in gold, but was subsequently driven out of the area by Indians. Then the Bros...
  9. Database of those streams, creeks, or rivers that been tested for their gold yield?

    Thanks. Yes that is helpful. I also found this one, And for the state of Arizona this one is also helpful,
  10. Database of those streams, creeks, or rivers that been tested for their gold yield?

    I was recently watching a episode of "Lost Gold" and the characters in the show were testing various creeks to determine if they showed any "color". They were trying to research a treasure legend and were panning the local creeks to eliminate those creeks that had no appreciable gold, the idea...
  11. Can anyone identify this signature?

    Looks like Walter Marwood. My Google Fu skills found people named Walter Marwood. Oddly enough, the "Marwood" name is also associated with pottery vases.
  12. Found a panel of Petroglyphs.

    I found this last Saturday while searching in an area that I once found a petroglyph of a Spanish Cross. Does anyone see anything that might be interesting from a treasure seeking stand point? I'm still looking for that darn cross!
  13. La Caverna del Oro

    In my opinion, I think there is nothing to this legend. In the link below is a detailed treatise of every aspect of the so-called La Caverna Del Oro. The article starts on page 77.
  14. Lost Mine found in NM

    9-30-1969 Farmington Daily Times, Farmington, NM
  15. RANDOM CHAT THREAD - Chat about anything or just hang out - ALL are welcome.

    Presently, no one can "make" you use legal tender to buy or sell, but life would be a PITA if you didn't.
  16. Snorkeling in Jamaica, found this. Any ideas? what is it

    Google images tells me it's possibly an inkwell. It could also be a pounce pot minus the shaker lid.