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    Thank you for such a great amount of info, and the time to write it all out too lol [emoji106]🏽 Happy New Year!
  2. Findings from Volgograd( Stalingrad)

  3. Some of my favorite finds from over the years, lets see yours.

    Wow fantastic finds!!!! I noticed you had or may still have, the silver type medallion that has Canada and Mounties on it, any chance you still have it and if you would be to show any better pics of both sides??? lol
  4. 1994 Lincoln Question

    Look up "cud" references to coins it looks like a cud a die flaw or slight build up on the striking plate, causing a small error. Jmo
  5. NEW TREASURE HUNT for $50,000


    Oh that's not good lol
  7. Anybody know what this it???? Found in my dad's toolbox

    It's a long shot but it could be a old "level or plumb bob
  8. Possibly 1920's Jewelry?

    It's an old "backing earring" as I know them lol my Grama used to wear those sometimes. They slide on your ear lobe, and the backing she tightened, to stay in place. Hope it helps
  9. What age is this antique wood writing lap desk?

    Just a guess but, it looks like cedar lining so it's not cheap, maaaybe 1890 to 1920's Just a guess good luck

    Contests are always good lol
  11. Was the Moon Landing real or Faked??

    Depends on how much do you want to know......

    If you REALLY wanted to know, have the ash tested , could be a mystery to be solved?? lol
  13. Some photos of the solar eclipse 8/21/2017

    WOW that is incredible!!! Beautiful shots!!!!! Thanks for sharing and please share more[emoji106]🏽
  14. Old Newspapers mostly JFK related and The Walk on the Moon

    I'm not sure but they are Important because of the, Seriousness and what was going on before/after the Kennedy Murder. Maybe try antiques roadshow and email the pics, they helped me free too!!
  15. Any info on Stephen king the dark tower comics??

    If you need Anything related to Stephen King, There's a book store I visited, and seen Mr.Mrs.Kings house, AMAZING!!! The gate is art it's self !! But the book store is,, This store is Exclusively Stephen King ONLY and, Stephen King frequents his store and signs certain things...
  16. **NEW IDEA** Please Read

    Ever thought of going to one of those shows, Like dragons den or shark tank? If your that admit about your idea and invention, And see if you can get one of these investors to come on board with you??? Just an idea. The best of success for you and hope you get a great payoff! [emoji106][emoji106]
  17. Ok Id guess a rock but dang kinda has a resemblance to that reptile thing. Found in

    Looks like two different faces on it, Very cool find!!
  18. Rocks

    If you have a detector, I'd be checking out that whole area, that's a very interesting find!!! Never seen those kind of marks in a stone before.
  19. Approximate value

    I would guesstimate, $3oo to $4oo Look around to see if you can find similar style ring. But see a jeweller, And if you find rings that's set with real stones, and plan to scrap the gold only, always have your stones removed, and save all of them. If not your just giving up lots of $$$$ I have...