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  1. Sluice plans? Additional tips?

    Hello everyone, I just recently became interested in prospecting. I don't want to spend the money on a sluice box or highbanker yet because I'm a beginner and I don't want to put a lot of money into something I haven't had much experience with. So I was wondering if anyone knew of some good...
  2. Is this a Native American artifact?

    Almost looked like an axe head to me, but I’m no expert. Found in a NC creek.
  3. Can you Identify this copper item?

    Made of copper. Found at early 1900s farmhouse. As you can see there are two holes on the side (or maybe top?). Thanks guys!
  4. My first silver plated spoon!

    I found my first silver plated spoon yesterday! On the back it said Continental 1886 Silver Plate. Is 1886 the year that the company was founded? Sorry I didn't post a picture. I will later. :thumbsup:
  5. My oldest shotgun shell so far - How old is it?

    I found this shell while detecting in the woods. Can anyone guess a rough age? There doesn't appear to be anything written on this one.
  6. Shotgun shell age identification?

    Can anybody tell how old this is? It says western No 12 Super-X. It says made in usa in small print. It also had a little bit of red paper left around the edges. Thanks! :icon_thumleft:
  7. What is it?

    Maybe a buckle or latch?
  8. MDing at myrtle beach this week!

    I'm staying at myrtle beach for the next week and a half and plan to do a lot of MDing! Unfortunately they are dredging the beach and I have limited space to work with. If you are interested this is where I'll post my finds. Day #1
  9. Fossil hunting and wheat penny

    My best friend, Jake, is moving in just over a week and we go fossil hunting every couple of months. Me and my dad and him did it one last time today. We arrived at Westmoreland state park and headed down to fossil beach. We had a great time and a good haul! Mine included a dolphin vert, lots of...
  10. VA beach finds from this week

    This week's haul included a junk ring, tons of clad, a 2017 charm, and a WW2 bullet jacket (and scrap metal). I didn't have the best of luck but I had a great time. Maybe next time, right?
  11. WW2 ID

    Does anyone know what this is? I'm 99% sure it's from World War 2. I found it at sandbridge beach Virginia (in VA beach). P.S. It's made of copper if you didn't already figure it out. (Not sure why my pics are sideways.)
  12. Metal detecting with my pinpointer at the park

    Today I detected the park with only my pinpointer. Pennies: 1972, 1979, 2016, 2016 Quarter: 1995 Nickel: 1964 (oldest so far) Dime: 2013 Chuck e cheese token: 2003 Junk ring
  13. Coin display cases

    Could anyone recommend a good display case to keep old coins in?

    Today I was detecting my yard for what seemed like the 50th time. It sure was a shocker when I pulled up my first silver dime! The year is 1951.
  15. Metal detecting elementary school tot lot

    Hello all, Here are my finds from a local tot lot. (I'm still trying to figure out if the heart is silver.)
  16. Can anyone ID this fossil?

    I think it looks like a claw or tooth. Any thoughts?
  17. Found a pair of RC Royal Crown Cola bottles

    I found these RC cola bottles back in the woods behind my house about a week ago. I think they are from the 50s.
  18. Recent bottle finds

    Hey guys! I found this Nehi yesterday and the Pepsi a couple of months ago. Unfortunately the Pepsi broke. I think it's from the 70s. P.S. How old do you think the Nehi is?
  19. Sandbridge beach VA metal detecting finds

    Here's what I found at Sandbridge beach VA a couple months ago. It isn't much but it was still fun to find. :hello2:
  20. Detecting recommendations for Maryland and Virginia.

    Are there any good places to detect in Maryland and/or Virginia.