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  1. Just found in Superstitions

    The cent appears to be a rare one, key word “appears”. Depending on where it came from, maybe it’s authentic. It could be many things. What does it provide as a TID across a more well known metal detector? It’s not magnetic, you would’ve checked. But if you still have it, that in itself is...
  2. 1875 Seated Liberty Half Dollar

    Yeah I thought I was doing good until some schmuck hit me with that “20 cent piece” nonsense awhile ago. 🤣 Almost IMPOSSIBLE to find. Good luck though!🙂
  3. 1875 Seated Liberty Half Dollar

    Very nice opportunistic find! Now the dime, as you say…and don’t forget that pesky 20 cent piece AND the half dime!😃
  4. I have been to Storage locker sales near me

    Ya know…everybody wants to make a buck “within the limits of the law”. So if it’s not illegal for the people putting on the sale to go through them first, you’ll never get anything good. It’s like the people who will send you 5 pounds of ”pay dirt”. Really? Maybe there was a time at which...
  5. Deus 2 in XP detectors

    I’m not sure admin is interested in creating yet another sub forum where we can squabble about the correctness of the name of the detectors in the sub forums….🤣🤣🤣
  6. FNG w/CTX 3030

    If it’s one piece of advice I could offer it’s this… 1) Turn machine on 2) Set “Sensitivity” to “Auto+3” 3) Press the “Noise cancel” button and wait for 25-30 seconds for it to find the channel it wants. 4) Go hunt Just use it like this for a day. Report back what happens.🙂
  7. FNG w/CTX 3030

    What is your main type of target you’re looking for?
  8. I

    Hi Mr. Whites! I actually did my own, but the couple guys who once did them are out of...

    Hi Mr. Whites! I actually did my own, but the couple guys who once did them are out of circulation. Still a great machine without the mods though! Good luck!
  9. I

    It’s you and me buddy….😀

    It’s you and me buddy….😀
  10. Seated Liberty Half Love Token

    Must’ve really been in love to make one out of a HALF at that time! What a fantastic find, someone spent some time working on that one! You can be proud of that one for a VERY long time…🤠
  11. Bigfoot anyone encounter the creature when detecting?

    I saw one. He was using an Ace150. I didn’t talk with him, complete rookie.🙂
  12. ✅ SOLVED Sure looks like a butt plate

    Glancing through the threads I thought “plate” was “pirate” at first….😆

    From what I can see from 5 different people‘s multiple videos, I’ll very likely be buying the Deus2. For anyone who’s paid any attention, I am a DIE HARD Minelab guy. WHY? They work better than anything else I have used, and they produce RESULTS in public places that have been hunted for 50...
  14. should i get the minelab 17inch coil for my ctx3030 or stay with stock coil?

    I am a park/school/fairground/ball field hunter in southern Wisconsin where we have fairly “middle of the road” dirt. The 17” coil never leaves my machine, the difference in performance and the actual results are that dramatic (in MY world). I have found MANY a tiny object with the 17” coil, but...
  15. Found today any ideas

    Religious medallion of some kind I’d think, but that’s an obvious guess. Pretty big piece, nice find regardless!
  16. thunk sound at the end of a coin tone

    No, turning down the threshold below what you’re able to hear won’t get rid of the clunk. It’s going to try to return to threshold regardless of where the actual volume is set.
  17. thunk sound at the end of a coin tone

    To the OP, if you haven’t seen it or paid CLOSE attention…go to 34 seconds into this video and listen as I sweep this target. With any of the FBS machines, if you are using Auto sensitivity on the CTX or eTrac, or Semi Auto on the Explorers, the machine is much more likely to make this sound...
  18. 6 hour hunt found 50 USD in coins, silver ring and possible spanish coins

    I assume you’re a Canuck? I wish I could scoop up 2 bucks at a time, I might come north in the spring! Hell of a hunt, well done all around!
  19. 🥇 BANNER My First US Gold Coin!

    And it’s a 2 1/2 piece…you have GOT to be one of the luckiest &#&$*#er $@$#($#ers on the planet. But!….if you hunt the right areas for that long, chances just keep getting better, though it’s no guarantee your number will ever come up. Your number has officially come up! Absolutely outstanding...
  20. CTX 3030 best coin settings wanted

    You’re looking for ALL U.S. coins? Or are you looking specifically for SILVER coins or old copper? How long have you been running this machine or detecting in general?