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  1. ID of trash.... chemical?

    Location: about 12" down, in the backyard of my house. The house was built in the 1950's. Prior to that it was a large property owned by someone who raised horses. Unknown if this area was used for anything. Hilly area of the philadelphia suburbs. Found: Rusted metal. Metal appears to be very...
  2. Free Micronta 4003 (Radio Shack) Metal Detector

    All, Free Micronta 4003 (Radio Shack) Metal Detector that works, sort of. Lose connection to the coil, so you need it wrapped just right and it seems to work (need to change the wire). I could get it to pick up non ferrous stuff fine, couldnt get it to buzz for ferrous... Might have been my...
  3. ❎ SOLD Wanted - Teknetics Eurotek Pro

    Looking for a used one to save some dollars over a new one. Not sure if anyone is interested. Thanks, Rick
  4. reccomendation to clear trash - detector

    All, I am looking for a detector recommendation primarily to clear the trash from my yard. The house has had a few roofs installed, and an addition. As best as I can tell the builders used the yard as the trash pit.... With kids, I want to clear the junk from it. I bought a cheapie harbor...