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  1. Diabetes Type 2 what I discovered the other day

    Had the same issue with a meter myself. I was suddenly reading 250-280 when it should have been 125(ish). After a couple days of this I made an appt. with my doc to see what the heck was going on. Before the appt. I tested with my wife's meter, and was 120 when the other meter was saying...
  2. The raccoon

    Fat, I was referring to the pelt prices, not the damage they can do. Coons are relatively easy to trap, and in your area a good trapper can catch 20 or more per night without too much work. Here's a quote from regarding the raccoon market: "The market for raccoon pelts...
  3. The raccoon

    Don't recall any time in the last 40 years that 'coon prices made targeting them worth the effort. I get a lot more enjoyment out of handing out some treats rather than skinning, fleshing out and drying greasy coon skins. :icon_thumright: heavily into predator calling from the...
  4. A Savage Bigfoot Clan Hunted in BC Canada

    I live right in the middle of prime Bigfoot country...ain't never seen one. ..but I'm lookin'!
  5. THE Random Chat Thread - AKA "The RCT" - No shirt or shoes required - Open 24 / 7

    OV..did ya happen to catch this one?
  6. A Savage Bigfoot Clan Hunted in BC Canada

    Dude is definitely windy....
  7. Civil war what a travesty and needless deaths

    Steve..amazing how the dozens of destructive riots, and tens of millions in damage done is swept under the rug, and a few idiots on Jan 6th are suddenly the problem. Think about it. Site rules prohibit political discussion, so I suggest we let this one go.
  8. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Anyone recognize this logo?

    Don't think it's a bicycle reflector. With that archery design, I'd guess it's from some type of archery badge or trophy. I'll show your pic to some archery friends and see if they can ID it.
  9. The raccoon

    While Mother Nature can be a cruel master, she wastes nothing.
  10. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Rare Etched Pre-Columbian Bowl?

    I know little about this type of pottery, but it does seem logical that if the etching were done at the time it was made it should show the same patina/aging as the rest of the exterior.
  11. Thrift store book finds

    Mia, considering that "I Blow My Own Horn" is lacking the dust jacket, I'd guess it's value at around $10. The world of selling books requires a level of knowledge and experience. Just because a book is old does not mean it has any value. Condition and rarity is everything.
  12. Blind Frog Ranch

    I watched a bit of one episode; as soon as I saw that Eric Drummond was one of the people involved, I changed the channel. It'll be smoke, mirrors and scripted excitement..and nothing to find.
  13. Beautiful river

    Gorgeous pic Mike, and the fish ain't bad either...:icon_thumright: I see it's not clipped...Do they let you keep wild steelhead down there?
  14. Snow Green

    These are known as "Anna's Hummingbirds", and they are the only species to winter here. We do get several other varieties in the Spring and Summer, but the Anna's are tough critters and hang out all year. As for the Cascades, you wouldn't miss 'em today. After two weeks of sub-freezing temps it...
  15. Snow Green

    I've actually sold a number of prints on that last image. I had it printed on canvas (I believe it's 24x30), then matted and framed and a print is now hanging on my wall. It's also been in a couple of calender's made by the local TV stations. I had to wait for just the right light, then shot 5...
  16. Snow Green

    Several years ago I took this pic from our backyard:
  17. Snow Green

    Look up Concrete, Washington on Google maps..population around 800, right at the base of the North Cascades.,-121.7521001,4310m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
  18. Snow Green

    Had to go out at daylight this morning and reposition the light. Last night we had temps in around 20F., and the nectar was still freezing in the neck of the bottle.
  19. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Wondering What You See...

    I haven't a clue as to what it is, but it's definitely a very cool specimen!
  20. Snow Green

    Don't fish as much as I used to, but we get five runs of salmon every year, and one of the best holes on the river is in my backyard. 8-) Sadly, our salmon runs have dropped off considerably in the last ten years, most of which is due to over-fishing by tribal and commercial netters.