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  1. Help with a bar token

    Can't seem to find anything on this. Says H. M. 5¢ at the bar
  2. Any ideas on this coin

    Not sure what it could be think I see a partial date 178?about the size of a nickel but thin
  3. Need some help on a pin

    A little smaller than a quarter has " FORD" on the top. Thanks for the help
  4. Possibly button help

    Dug this item. Appears to be pewter about the size of a quarter was thinking a button? But not to sure do to the little hole. On the bottom I think I see a 78. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Mason's ring

    Been going threw some of my stuff and didn't see this at first. Does this look like a Mason's ring I'm pretty sure I can see the compass. Also does anyone recognize what the markings are. Thanks
  6. Help with Queen Victoria

    Have had this for quite a few years I'm thinking it's made of bakelite do to a hot pin gives off a rubbery smell I know it's a 50 year anniversary piece but looking for any other info I can find on it and figured I'd find it here. It's about 4 and a half inches across. You guys and gals have...
  7. Button id

    Found this button in the ocean wondering if it is a uniform button about 3/4 of an inch across. Thanks for your help. Quarter for size comparison
  8. Need some coin help

    Dug this today not sure about it pretty toasted and the back is worse but hopefully someone can I'd it for me
  9. Horse buckle?

    I think it's part of a horse harness. Can someone help me. About 3.5 inches. Thanks
  10. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Another return

    Got a call to look for a lost diamond ring in a yard or possible wooded area after about 40 min in the wooded area I found it it was her mother's ring I love doing returns
  11. Need help on a button

    Can't seem to find anything about this button thanks for the help. Made by scoville
  12. A 1st from the beach

    Hit the tide tonight. Almost no targets. The one good target I got is a 1st for me. 25 inch chain of 22k and a 10g 24k pendant. All I can say is holy crap only my second 22k piece and my 1st 24k piece
  13. Possibly a copper ship spike?

    8 inches long. 5/8 inch thick. Looks more copper than bronze. Have found brass/bronze square ship spikes in same area of the beach before approximately 20 of them. Could anyone could any I'd for me with approximate age. Thanks
  14. Hebrew

    Hope someone can read Hebrew and tell me what it says
  15. Need a little help

    I know I've seen this design on a ring before but don't remember if it is religious or not. I'd appreciate your help
  16. 2 returns

    Got out Sunday didn't find anything in the water was asked by a lady if I could try and find her husband's ring. After an hour. Nothing. Decided to go back yesterday and work a little deeper as this time the tide was still dropping 1st target almost chest deep was his ring. A little later...
  17. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Another return

    Got a call today from a girl crying that she lost her engagement ring on the beach last night. She went to dicks bought a cheap detector and couldn't find it. And that she was getting married on Saturday. So I took the hour and twenty minute ride met her and her fiance and walked about a half...
  18. Found and returned

    Got a call out for a lost necklace lost in shoulder deep water after about 10 minutes had in in the scoop so I decided to stay and detect for about an hour got a titanium ring and a Tiffany bracelet
  19. Help with button

    Dug this the other day. Thinking it's a ww2 air force medic button. But not sure. Thanks for you help
  20. Need a button I'd. Please

    Dug this button today. I know Waterbury button company made it but not sure on age and what the initials mean. Thanks in advance