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  1. ✅ SOLVED Arrowhead?

    Yes it is
  2. My First Ever Seated!

  3. Help with a bar token

    Massachusetts but also find a lot of Rhode island stuff here
  4. Help with a bar token

    Can't seem to find anything on this. Says H. M. 5¢ at the bar
  5. Any ideas on this coin

    One more pic
  6. Any ideas on this coin

    More pics
  7. Any ideas on this coin

    Not sure what it could be think I see a partial date 178?about the size of a nickel but thin
  8. Spanish #4 fty

  9. 1733 treasure fleet coin spill, pillar dollar, 8 reale cobbs!!

    Someday I'd love to hunt down there. Congrats
  10. Need some help on a pin

    A little smaller than a quarter has " FORD" on the top. Thanks for the help
  11. Possibly button help

    Maybe not
  12. Possibly button help

    Dug this item. Appears to be pewter about the size of a quarter was thinking a button? But not to sure do to the little hole. On the bottom I think I see a 78. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Another 1600s Kettle Point - Brass Arrowhead Found Today

    That's awesome. I have 1 but it's bent
  14. 1600's Latten

    You did well. Congrats. I need to research like you do. I have such a hard time with it
  15. Mason's ring


    That's gorgeous congrats
  17. Help with Queen Victoria

    Hole is from me. Do you have a picture of an example