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    most intersting street design and rather confusing too...
  2. Miedieval gold coins and tools found.

    More photos and story From
  3. Pennsylvania Lawyer

    if they cant find 30,000 e mails and admit to it do ya really think they would disclose this?
  4. Liku He and trhe toumb of 2 million coins

    more story at, and more photos <a...
  5. Frenchman busted with thousands of coins and atifacts dug illegally in France

    photos people photos with your post please!!!
  6. Hundreds of precious jewels wash up on beach in poor Venezuelan fishing village

    its a shame such an interesting story is plugged up with so much advertising and junk.....
  7. Shipwreck exposed in FL by erosion

    Not treasure yet but more story and photos at...
  8. mushroom hunter unearths bronze age sword

    more story and photos at...
  9. Israeli Teens Discover Hundreds of Rare Gold Coins in Archaeological Dig

    cool story but...
  10. Searching for placer gold in Northern Michigan

    just a heads up..... MI gold for the most part is fine, it's from the last ice age and the glaciers so about a metal detector of being any use. Now a pan on the other hand, back when MI was being logged many of the loggers would pan the streams and creeks looking for a little extra pocket...
  11. man finds 9 carrit diamond, IRS finds and taxes him...

    OK taxes him on what? claimed value, proposed value, or the fact he only paid like 50 bucks to look for it..... story at...
  12. Civil War site in WV

    more story and pictures at
  13. 9th century Gold coins found!

    nice video here... but when I saw the kid scraping the dirt off of one of the soft gold coins with a SS dental pick I about screamed NOOOOOOO!!!!
  14. Teenagers find 'treasure' trove of 1,100-year-old coins in Israel

    man but this is getting a lot of mileage here, third post on it but loved the video! when I saw one of the kids using a dental pick to scrape dirt off of the soft gold coin..... yeah I about screamed NOOOOOO!!!
  15. 9th century Gold coins found!

    nice photos but already posted here.
  16. Shipwreck hunters stumble across mysterious find - claim its a U.F.O. !

    nope if it was the government would already have it in area 51 :occasion14:
  17. Young archie volunteers hit gold in Israel

    real quick.... what have i said many times about PHOTOS.... more at....
  18. What kind of glass this on pendant necklace

    wrong forum looks like abalone shell... but try here What Is It?
  19. Mystery of the Spanish coins that predate Christopher Columbus by 200 years

    according to recent testing the copper for a fair amount of the the bronze in the Bronze age according to metallurgist came from........ MI UP... ancient mines have been found so a few coins, yeah could have happened....
  20. Pedal Car Auction makes almost 150K

    from and more photos at $1,740 $1,800