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  1. CSA Button and Other Relics

    Sweet button…congrats!
  2. Got Sat Down With An 1891 Seated Dime

    Thank you! Yes. I am in Des Moines, Iowa. I dug this in the front yard of a house that was built in 1897. I have only been detecting since March 2020 and was starting to believe a Seated was never going to happen for me. I have been fairly fortunate in my limited tenure with this hobby. I have...
  3. Got Sat Down With An 1891 Seated Dime

    It was a slow day and I was beginning to think I was going home empty handed. Then I got a repeatable “27” on my Nox 800. I popped the plug and beaped it from both sides. Still a “27” from both directions. I got my pinpointer out and the target seemed to be at the very bottom of the 8 plus inch...
  4. Modest Finds Then Gold

    Thank you TNT! Your answer and information is once again appreciated!
  5. Modest Finds Then Gold

    TNT Hunter- Civil War relic hunting was my primary motivation to finally pulling the trigger and getting a metal detector. Living in Des Moines, Iowa though CW sites/relics are not easy to come by so content myself with other areas until I can make that happen. Anyway when I found this bullet I...
  6. Modest Finds Then Gold

    I?ve been digging in an old park that has had the ground opened up for some project. The work has stalled because it?s been raining and too muddy for the earth moving machines so I have been searching it as often as I can. It?s produced some modest finds including wheaties?a silver...
  7. Quick hunt but a couple of small finds including a Barber

    Thank you everyone for the kind words! I will keep you updated with any additional finds!
  8. Quick hunt but a couple of small finds including a Barber

    I didn’t have much time after work on Friday but I told my wife I was going to stop at a place I have been researching to check it out. I got to the spot and didn’t waste any time but the first couple of decent signals were 6-7 inches down and with the ground like concrete it was going to have...
  9. A Little Piece of History

    Nice find...thank you! Where did you find this??
  10. A Little Piece of History

    I found this broken piece of old newspaper type set in the yard of a home that had recently been demolished. After some research I discovered it was from WW 2 era. The piece is of course in reverse but I took a picture of it in the mirror to make it easier to read. It was the headline to what...
  11. ✅ SOLVED Found at an early 1900s homesite...suspender clip?

    I think you're right guys...definitely a suspender clip...thank you!!! How do I/ we mark this "solved"?
  12. ✅ SOLVED Found at an early 1900s homesite...suspender clip?

    I found this brass clip at the site of an early 1900s home. It was about 4 to 5 inches deep and has "Pioneer USA" stamped on the one side. I have been doing searches for early 1900s suspender clips but have not found any Pioneer or ones that looked like this one so I am wondering if that is...
  13. Gold In the plug!

    Here is a pic of the ring cleaned up
  14. Gold In the plug!

    I did not expect to find much on this quick evening hunt. My boy was fishing and I thought I would just poke around with my detector. He unfortunately did not catch anything but I did! On top of a small hill I got a solid 48 signal on my AT Pro from all directions and this beauty popped out from...
  15. Last couple of hunts... 2 Spanish and other cool stuff

    Soil conditions can be weird...I have found coins that have an awesome patina and at the same area a little ways away look like they have been bathing in battery acid...go figure.
  16. These are my most precious fines of 2020

    Wow...that is quite a year...congrats!
  17. Sometimes Security Cameras catch a gem!

    I think that driver is the current CEO...accident forgiveness!
  18. Need advice for hunting new permission...

    Yes...a well would be a good place. Start at the well when you work your way to that part of the hunt and work out from that giving special attention to paths where the inhabitants would be going to and from the well. Good luck!
  19. Need advice for hunting new permission...

    I would concentrate around the still standing structures, anywhere you suspect a structure may have been and where the most surface relics are turning up. After that I would check near the water sources.
  20. Sidewalk tear-out seated!

    Nice looks like a clay marble to me. They came in all different sizes.