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  1. Small Hammer Mills?

    I've decided to take my sampling to the next level and buy a hammer mill. I see there is quite a difference in price $1,500 ish for a K&M, or $5000 ish for the Global mining "gold stryker". I'm sure the price dose reflect quality here so am tempted to just shell it out. But just being a...
  2. Flying with Gold. Any problems?

    Anyone ever been hassled by TSA for flying with a poke of raw gold? I've heard that it is not a good idea to try and carry more than 10K in cash while getting on an airplane in fear that they will call you a terrorist or something and steal your hard earned money. Is it really a crime not to use...
  3. Best 4". Not for fine gold recovery?

    Looking to buy a 4" dredge and wanting the best recovery on big chunky gold. Everyone seems to be selling their machines on the idea of "fine gold recovery". What's up with that? I just want to know that I'm not loosing ANY raisin and peanut or walnut stuff. I found a nice chunky (tooth) nugget...
  4. Question about Dredging in Washington state

    I've read the gold and fish pamphlet from fish and game. Do I understand correctly that all the river and stream beds are State property? And dose this mean that there are no claims on them? Are there in fact claims on the rivers and streams in Washington? or can I just go anywhere listed in the...
  5. Whats your favoret clean up machine?

    Thinking of getting a Keene super concentrator or a spiral wheel or some sort of mini tromel type thing for running the cons out of my 3 inch dredge/banker combo. I will be setting it up in my cabin, so portabillity is not a huge factor. Mainly, I want it to be pleasant to work with while siting...
  6. Anyone know of a GOOD (not cheep) DRY (not wet) suit ?

    I will be working in the COLD and want to stay DRY. Wanting the BEST dredging dry suit.
  7. Whats the best dry suit for dredging in the cold?

    Any one know of a really good suit for dredging in the serious cold? I just want the best. Only want to buy it one time. Thanks.
  8. Beach Mining the west coast?

    Dose anyone know or have any insight to the legal aspect of mining the beaches of CA,OR,WA? It's all over the place up here in AK. They are state claims. I've heard that AK is the only place w' claims on state land. Is that a fact? Are all beaches/tideland in the west state owned? And is all...
  9. anyone used the new pro pointer yet?

    Garrett's New Pro Pointer AT. Filling a void in the market for sure. Hope to see some compitition from other makers. Any one have one yet?
  10. has anyone put a 4 nozzel on a 6" dredge?

    has anyone put a 4'' nozzel on a 6" dredge? I've heard of people going from a 5" hose down to 4" intake to stay within certain limits. I'm wondering if a 6" dredge could be made to work as a 4" or is that just too un-natural. Anyone tried it? Any thoughts?
  11. larger snuffer bottles?

    Dose anyone know where to get any good size snuffer bottles? I think I remember seeing one about the size of a beer can sometime years ago. I could just have imagined it though. I wish for one. But all I see @ the shops are the little 4oz ones. Any one know of a 8 or 12oz snuffer?
  12. Any suggestions for education to the want to be miner?

    Dose anyone have suggestions for schools, classes, seminars ect. Maybe a good book? I just want to equip myself with the knowledge needed to do some real work and keep out of trouble. Not looking for a degree in mining engineering. Just practical education for a guy who wants to buy some ground...
  13. Do the coin machines have magnets in them?

    What do you know about how the coin counting machines work? Would a steel penny make it back into a box for me to find or are they weeded out in the process? Have any of you found a steel penny in a roll? I was thinking of just searching unopened rolls with a powerful magnet.
  14. Any tricks to identify melted blobs of mystery metal?

    I have been hunting an old house fire spot. The owner says there was a good amount of silver and gold that was lost. Been finding lots of mystery blobs, some are obviously aluminum and others are more heavy. Found one half melted bar so I know it got HOT. Would the silver and gold melt together...
  15. Durrability & Weather resistance?

    Almost got a Whites M6 but is this just a fair weather machine? Will quit when it sees some rain? I know you can buy covers for them but seem like they should just build them weather resistant to begin with. Any one ever ruined one with rain?