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  1. First gold for the year

    A few of the latest goodies: The owner of the class ring has been identified and will be getting the ring back. (His name was inscribed on the inside of the ring). Found on a playground. 1909 penny which was made into a pendant. I thought it was a tag until I cleaned it. I looked it up...
  2. Mean green

    Those Indians are in great shape! -RR
  3. Did well at an old school site tonight.....

    Great goin' Nick! -RR
  4. First Indian for the year

    I soaked it in detergent water for a while to loosen up the dirt. Then I used a plastic fiber brush on the dremel tool to clean it. -RR
  5. First Indian for the year

    Was down about 4 1/2 inches. About 4 feet away got another faint signal. Dug down 'bout 7 inches and got a clad penny. Go figure... Thanks fer lookin' RR
  6. Michigan Locations - Where are you Located????

    Muskegon here. Waiting for the thaw...
  7. Had a few minutes before dark

    Figured out the mystery. The words are "Es Devs Spes Nostra" or "God Is Our Hope" in latin. Appears to be a copy of a Hessian military button. More about it here:
  8. Had a few minutes before dark

    Went to a nearby school for a few minutes. It was starting to get dark and I got a couple of hits on the way out of the playground. I was surprised to see that one of the pennies was a 1912. Also got an unusual button. I don't have a clue what the writing is or if it's worth anything. Thanks...
  9. i know its not the place but ........... pictures added 11-7-09

    Re: i know its not the place but Congrats from a 13 time Grandpa with another due in a month. There's gotta be some pictures coming.... -RR
  10. Gettysburg Commemorative

    Had a break in the rain so I went to an elementary school playground & got a few goodies. I found a large coin which was like a metallic olive drab color when it came from the ground. At first I thought it would be a brass token. When I cleaned it up, it cleaned up silver and turned out to be...
  11. some of my finds from my secret spot

    Looks like your spot is giving up some good digs. -RR
  12. Allegan lead seal Railroad...?

    I found something like that too, but didn't know what it was. What did they seal with them? -RR
  13. Decided to try dirt fishin" in Rick Robinsons park!!

    Re: Decided to try dirt fishin" in Rick Robinson's park!! Between the dirt fishing, worm farming and the gopher hunting, looks like you came up with great pocket change as well. Great goin' -RR
  14. Fruitport Michigan History Pomona Park

    I'm amazed how much is in this park. It's been hit pretty hard but I've always managed to walk away with something. I think the pavilion area would be sweet. I checked it out earlier this summer and it has a solid bottom for wading.
  15. Recent finds in parks and woods

    The date on the nickel is so clear. WTG! -RR
  16. Fruitport Michigan History Pomona Park Aerial View

    Today, Pomona Park is the site of the annual Fruitport Old Fashioned Days in May. A carnival sets up in the park and bands perform in the band shell. South of the band shell is a pay boat launch facility which is busy during the summer months. Beyond the boat launch the park boundaries next to...
  17. Fruitport Michigan History Interurban

    The Grand Rapids, Grand Haven and Muskegon Railroad Company was a subsidiary of Westinghouse and the trains were powered by overhead power lines in urban areas and a third rail between cities. The railroad had a barn on the property next to the Pavilion and Pomona Park where the engines were...
  18. Fruitport Michigan History Pomona Pavilion

    Another attraction in Pomona Park was the Fruitport Pavilion. From around the turn of the century until the 50’s, it was a destination for Big Bands and dancing. Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington and Doris Day played there. Several hundred people would pack the hall. The pavilion burned down in 1963...
  19. Fruitport Michigan History Pomona Park

    In 1871, mineral spring water was the latest rage. Resorts popped up all over the country capitalizing on the curative benefits of magnetic mineral water. The Pomona House opened July 1st of that year. Rich patrons would take a steamer from Chicago to Grand Haven and then travel on to Fruitport...
  20. Park Gives Up Another Injun

    Didn't tumble it. I think I used a felt buffing wheel and a fine brass wire brush on a dremel tool - very sparingly. The rest of the goodies were tumbled first. -RR