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  1. 17 Tons, are their any hunters remaining ?

    Is anyone still actively seeking the 17 tons ?
  2. AGI archives of the indies

    You shipwreck guys probably are aware of this, but for those that are not. I contacted the AGI via their website to ask some questions about a ship. Let me tell you that in itself was funny because I had to use google translator to write the letter and I am sure it was not correctly phrased...
  3. Interesting Ebay offer copied from sellers page: This collection is composed of shipping documents from historic accounts, books and archives. This is a goldmine of digital documents...
  4. Treasure ships around the UK

    The Royal Charter The Royal Charter broke up on these rocks near Moelfre. The Royal Charter was a steam clipper which was wrecked on the east coast of Anglesey on 26 October 1859. The precise number of dead is uncertain as the passenger list was lost in the wreck, but about 459 lives were...
  5. Southampton

    Watched a documentry about the oceans, they dived on a couple of wrecks, the Umbria and Southamton? some great cannons. PS forward to 40 minutes if you dont want to watch the full show. The red sea show also has a dive on the Umbria !!! 360,000 tons of...
  6. Villa in Texas?

    Came across this article printed in 1953 whilst doing some Villa research. Maybe useful to a Texan hunter
  7. The nothing in paticular site ???

    So as our amigo BB becomes a distant memory, the "everything" thread seems to have died a slow painful death. So with BBs demise, maybe its time for someone else to step up to the plate for cross examination and ridicule :tongue3: . Better yet maybe we could all discuss our current projects and...
  8. video

  9. videos

  10. nugget

  11. Treasure legends and permits

    I was wondering what most people would consider viable proof of a "treasure site", I recall Scott Wood posting in the forum with the guide lines at one time, those used by the government. But what does the average "hunter" consider to be valid proof of a site? I would imagine the vast majority...
  12. rock-face

  13. 17.77 tons facts not smack

    In September 1952 at Los Angeles district court, Bernard G Klepper produced escrow papers at the Grand Jury hearing which also contained an affidavit signed by Martin A Hougen which indicated he had seen the gold that was being offered to the treasury department. That escrow account was in the...
  14. new prospecting video site

    I saw a link to this site at treasuref o r its a great prospecting site
  15. prospecting video

    I saw a great prospecting video on treasuref o r u m(dot)net its a link to a prospecting site very intresting.
  16. Treasure on tv

    new series of where to find cash and treasures starts on 4th december and tonight on the travel channel ... Treasure hunting in america 2 11/20/07
  17. 1645 BELL

    off the south american coast ships bell marked 1645 has raised lettering and reads LONDON 1645 also has a name JOHN K _ _ _ _ _ _ _ any ideas as to what it may belong to? ive searched all over and can find no reference. and I am affraid that is all I can tell you.
  18. THE THREAD OF TRUTHS and nutters

    I noticed that a few people who have got an intrest in the LDM have problems sorting the facts from fiction, so i thought i would start a thread where FACTS can be posted. hopefully it wont become a battle ground for those who have opposing views because it will only contain factual evidence...