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  1. Poor response

    We did call right back and the phone had a busy signal. Also Emailed you about it we had them in stock, check your Spam.
  2. Group Buys

    Must be some kind of Florida Math. Hard to believe the "only 10 available" is still up and running . I thought for sure the bag that was included would seal the deal on those ten. I think they forgot to put another Zero after the ten. I saw at least 13 people who bought from them on another...
  3. Anyone know about site?

    Thanks for the link and response. I at least know it has no relation to our company at all. I think part of the confusion is in their domain name (minelabus.xxxxx) ours is , notice the period location in domain name. When you went to do a whois search for we come up as the...
  4. Anyone know about site?

    Hello everyone, I thought it would be proper to introduce myself and my company New England Detectors U.S.A. I also own the domain (not an official Minelab website). I usually remain low key on the forums but thought I needed to clarify who we are as its...
  5. Need a detectorist to find ring in Seymour CT

    New England Detectors . Milford and Ansonia Call us if you need our help. 888-734-1544
  6. Anyone in CT use the Xterra-70?

    Hey everyone, If your interested in any of Minelab Products Check us out. We are an authorized dealer in Connecticut. Anyone who buys a Safari Get a Free Handheld GPS Plus all this other Great stuff. There are deals going on for our spring specials you call us or email us...