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  1. ❎ SOLD 4 new Whites coils 1 whites bag 1 whites bullseye ll pouch

    Hi, Let me know what you want for the three smaller coils (already own the super 12) individually and as a group. thanks NJ
  2. IDing an Artist Signature

    Does anyone know if a good website to help ID an artist signature? I can't make out what it is...can you? Sorry I don't know how to rotate picture in post. Thanks NJ
  3. Wife's Art

    My wife has done pencil drawing for years but she decided to start adding her drawings to the Society6 website which places them on products. What do you think? If you like please like or follow her on the website...thanks. The more likes/promotes will help build her confidence...
  4. Two amazing local paintings found recently of Paterson N.J.

    My father in law grew up in Paterson. He now lives in Perth Amboy but has the great falls painted on his staircase.
  5. New NJ Historical Images Book

    Interview with authors...enjoy: Dr. Veit is one of the nicest guys and as an archeologist has always been open to working with metal detectorist. NJ
  6. Outer Banks

    I'm in Corolla NC for the next three days if anyone want to meet up to beach hunt. I'm more of a land hunter so could us a partner/mentor lol
  7. ❎ SOLD Whites Beach Hunter ID Metal Detector

    I purchased this machine from Poppa for my boss. It was super clean as described and I paid on a Friday and received the machine at my door the next day. Could not be happier with dealing with Poppa and would do so again without hesitation. If your looking for a used machine definitely keep...
  8. 4 GW BUTTONS -location pictures added

    I never get tired of looking at those buttons. Congrats on the cuff link...I've seen quite a few of them posted over the years. The posters either write Tallio or Tally-Ho so I'm not sure if there are two types with different spelling or if people are taking their own liberties when posting...
  9. Great Coin Research Database

    The 'Newman Numismatic Portal' at Washington University just opened. Tons of great reads...I love reading the C4 newsletters. Enjoy! Newman Numismatic Portal at Washington University in St. Louis | Comprehensive Research & Reference for U.S. Coinage NJ
  10. British Merchant Captains Gold Dress Cuff

    I'm a member of 'Battlefield Restoration and Archeological Volunteer Organization'. A member found one of these on the Monmouth Battlefield in NJ. You can check out a photo on under the photo tab. First photo album. Cool find...Congrats NJ
  11. Lost ring! Please help this wknd! South Orange/maple wood area

    Scrappy, Does you friend still need help? If so, was it lost in a grassy area and does she know approximately where it is? My schedule is crazy but if she still needs help I'll try to make if there in the the next week. I work in Newark so maybe able to do it at lunch one day. Let me know. N.J.
  12. Article about my banner find

    Thanks everyone for the comments. About losing the site, it is being developed so will be lost soon to 'progress' plus the more the merrier. I just ask other detectorist when I take them or if they ask me to go to the site without me that if they find anything historic they donate it to the...
  13. Article about my banner find

    Not sure where the reporter got that number from?
  14. Article about my banner find

    National Defense Service Medal...this one was most likely either from the Korean or Vietnam Wars. No way to identify the owner so into the collection it went. NJ
  15. Article about my banner find

    A report saw my find on the local historical society's facebook page and wrote a nice article...enjoy. Woodbridge man uncovers history NJ
  16. 🥇 BANNER Fugio Cent

    A report saw this on the Historical Society's website and wrote an article: Woodbridge man uncovers history Enjoy NJ
  17. 🥇 BANNER Fugio Cent

    Thanks everyone for the banner votes. It only took me 9 years for my first banner Hopefully it does not take another nine years for my next one. Going to the historical society meeting tonight to present the coin and a few other finds from the site to the group. I'll have this...

    I think it is a new member posting.....:thumbsup: (Pssst....we need a picture to help) NJ
  19. Treasure Found In An Unlikely Place

    LOL. I'm not sure if any money is getting thrown away but I have noticed that when were out if my wife needs a dollar or two no matter what I give her I get no change. My kids seemed to pick up this habit also... To get back some of my lost funds I try to open the dryer first right after it...
  20. I got alotta balls

    With land found lead it will oxidize which causes the white patina. With water or mud finds the air does not reach the lead so it looks almost like the day it was dropped or fired. This maybe interesting to new hunters... NJ