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  1. Penny Postcard Pictures

    Hope this isn't a re-post. What did your town look like according to Penny Postcards? Check out your old stomping grounds during the times of the penny postcard. Click on the state and then on the county name to see old penny picture postcards from that area...pretty neat...
  2. Found so far this year, in change

    Must be people are digging into their stashes.
  3. Old Lansing

    Check this out. Should bring back a few memories. Remember how many Indoor and drive-in theaters used to be in Lansing?
  4. Old nickle

    Got this old nickle in change at the local coffee shop today.
  5. What is it ?

    I've had this "Rock" for several years & don/t even remember where I found it. I think it was on a Lake Michigan beach. Will someone tell me what it is ? Thanks for looking.
  6. Old Map Link

    I hope this isn't a re-post.
  7. Old Restaurants

    I got this in my email today & thought it might be of interest:
  8. Found Coin

    A friend got this in change. I thought it might be Polish. Anyone know what it is & value, if any. Thanks for looking
  9. Cemetery hunting

    I was VERY surprised to see an article titled "How to Treasure Hunt Cemeteries", by Rich Goss, in the May 2009 issue of Lost Treasure magazine. Although I'm fairly new to the hobby, I was under the impression, from reading this forum, that cemeteries were pretty much "Off Limits".
  10. Coin, token, or toy

    Found this today where the city dumps snow from the streets. It is the same size as a dime & appears to be made of aluminium.
  11. Before n After

    Found this last spring, Just soaked 72 hours in Worcestershire Sauce (Sparton Brand) & look what happened.
  12. Interesting Site

    I found a couple likely spots on this site:
  13. Detector card

    I just made some cards to hand out to property owners, etc. Please comment. I think they are a little too ............plain. Thanks
  14. Another WWI first.

    Yesterday wildcatman71 posted a plaque honoring the first American to lose his life in WWI. Here in Evart, we have a park to honor the first American to die on German soil in WWI. BTW my Uncle was also a member of the Red Arrow Division. He lost his life in New Guinea, in WWII.
  15. Gold Panning question???

    I've started reading about panning gold in Michigan. As there is also copper here, is it possible to pan that also??
  16. Michigan Pictures

    Be sure to click on the thumbnail pics following the larger ones. Great stuff.
  17. C.C.C. Camps

    I'm trying to find out if there were any CCC Camps in my area. I've found the general area of 2 so far, but I keep running into dead-ends. Does anyone have a link, or links, to a listing of locations? Thanks for looking
  18. Who needs a metal detector???????? UPDATED

    This guy doesn't!!
  19. WWII POW camps in the U.P.

    This is very interesting reading:
  20. For all the Chiefs out there!!

    Five cannibals were employed by the Navy as translators during one of the island campaigns during World War II. When the Commanding Admiral of the task force welcomed the cannibals he said, "You're all part of our team now. We will compensate you well for your services, and you can eat any of...