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  1. best location of check valve hole

    Did some measuring on my puffer. As it turn out there was a 30% drop in air speed from motor end to hinge end. I changed location of the flapper hold and direction of maximum opening. I.e., flapper open toward to motor end and then the hinged end. Question where do most of you locate the...
  2. size of intake hole on a puffer

    What is a recommended size of the intake hole on the bottom of a small puffer dry washer?
  3. DIY Gold Cube competior - for under $100.00

    A friend of mine built this and put it on YouTube he calls it the "Gold Tube". The YouTube video is a demonstration. The Gold Tube cost around $100, including bilge pump. Great for the weekend prospector. It is made primarily using PVC pipe. This is a wet system...