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  1. Old excalibur coil wore deterioration

    Old excalibur coil wire deterioration Recently pulled my old original Excalibur Sword model that has been in storage a few years. This one had a 10" tornado coil installed before I bought it. I have pulled it out only to charge the battery over the years. Gave it a good charge, cleaned it...
  2. Tesoro Part

    So I have had many other things going on the last few years and I have not done any detecting at all. Things are getting simpler and I want to get back out plus my son is showing an interest. I pulled out my Tesoro Cibola and remembered the battery compartment door has a problem and needed to...
  3. Hardee Hat Pin

    I am - I am in the vicinity of Washington and Chocowinity.
  4. Hardee Hat Pin

  5. Hardee Hat Pin

    Today in Eastern NC was very windy and cool. Good thing about it is the high winds blew the river out exposing the river bottom. I braved the wind and cold and was rewarded with this nice Hardee Hat Pin. I haven't been doing much detecting for awhile, so this was a nice way to get back into it.
  6. Digging around a dilapidated old house

    Great finds. I reside in Carolina too. I am in the eastern section.
  7. Minelab Excalibur Problem

    Mine actually has been changed to a Tornado coil. I bought it this way so I am not sure when and who changed it. It works great though (when it is dry).
  8. Minelab Excalibur Problem

    Thanks for the information. I think it is the coil. I tried it the next day and it works perfect. I think it dried out and the problem went away. It has to be near the actual coil as it was only under a few inches. I am going to coat the coil with epoxy and see if that does the trick. If...
  9. Minelab Excalibur Problem

    I have an old Excalibur Sword model that has always worked flawlessly, but today it stated giving me problems. I had been detecting for about an hour and started working the waters edge about a foot out. Suddenly the threshold got very loud and out of control. After that started it would not...
  10. Incredible sealed wine bottle find

    What a cool find with fantastic information on its origin.
  11. First Large Cent

    Awesome finds - Congrats and good luck getting some more!!!!!
  12. Yesterdays Colonial Recoveries

    Really nice finds. Love those colonial sites.
  13. No more metal detecting NC state park beaches!

    Sorry to hear that. I too am here in eastern NC and have been planning to one day make the hour trip to Fort Macon to try the beach. Thanks for letting us now.
  14. Bullet from the siege of vicksburg

    Very nice find and great that it will be in a museum for others to see.
  15. Booom first plate babbbbby

    Very nice. Those breast plates are so cool.
  16. Some early buttons/buckles i have not posted

    Very nice - love those buttons

    Awesome find Those are so fun to find.
  18. First CW belt buckle

    Awesome find. I can only imagine the excitement of unearthing that buckle. I plan to find one of those one day.
  19. Found a neat Button

    This button has turned out to be an interesting find. Thanks for all the information everyone is sharing. Would any additional pictures help? Zooming in like Hutsitedigger suggested seems to show the details pretty good, though.