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  1. Dfx coils?

    Can someone eplain to me why the coils for the xlt will not work with the dfx?
  2. XLT whats the next step

    i have used an XLT and really like it. what is the next step or two up from that metal detector.
  3. comparing apples to apples

    hello my name is chris i am new to this hobby. i have been doing research to the point my brain is fried. i want to get the best detector for my needs but i am getting frustrated on which one. i have been looking at the minelab etrac but i am not to fond of the way the display is set up, I...
  4. hello from western nebraska

    hello everyone. just starting out with a new adventure in a new hobby, very excited. have not decided on a metal detector yet, still looking. holy cow there is alot to choose from. lots of questions......for other forums.