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  1. DetectorPro Land Or Sea PinPointer

    Has anyone had experience with this pinpointer? What are your thoughts; pros, cons?
  2. Tesoro Mods??

    Does anyone know if there is anyone in the US that will still perform mods on Tesoro machines? I’m thinking high-tone, pinpoint, gb, etc.?
  3. ❎ SOLD CTX Akaline Battery Pack

    Used in new condition. $40 shipped in the US.
  4. CTX3030 Detector Cover

    Near new 4 piece detector cover from Pro-rectors out of the UK. Not pictured is the lower stem cover which is the same color. $50 shipped, US only.
  5. 💵 FOR SALE Large Minelab Detector Bag

    Brand new. $55 which includes US domestic shipping.
  6. 🙋 WANTED Tesoro Detector Bag

    I’m looking for the smaller detector bag that Tesoro used to make. The one where you have to take apart the detector. I also may be interested in a Tesoro control box cover. Both at a decent price. Thanks.
  7. ❎ SOLD Headphones for sale

    I have 4 sets of headphones for sale. The Vanco and Accusound headphones work just fine. The Garrett work well just the 1/4” adapter has been removed and it would require replacement. The Nugget Busters NDTs work but fade in and out. I’m not sure if it can be the cable. I’m wanting $75 for all...
  8. ❎ SOLD Nokta Simplex + and wireless headphones

    This one is less than a year old so it has a year + in warranty. I’m the second owner while the first owner had just tested it and sold it to me, I have possibly 6 hours (perhaps less) in it. With just slight dirt it looks new. I didn’t see a single scratch on the coil cover bottom. Selling to...
  9. Doc’s Swingy Thing

    I was wondering if anyone has used a Doc’s Swingy Thing or Aussie Rod or something similar and your thought on it? Why do you use it and when?
  10. ❎ SOLD Garrett AT Pinpointer for a Makro

    I have a brand new AT Propointer with Z Lynk that I would like to trade for a comparable condition (new or slightly used) Makro pinpointer. I would like the Makro that is completely black, not the black and orange one.
  11. 🥇 BANNER Great day and super nice coin found

    This past Friday a friend of mine and I got together to drive to a seeded/Civil War hunt. We decided to take back roads along the way to possibly find a house or two to detect. On one house I was able to get permission on, the homeowner was super nice and walked me around the property and even...
  12. Equinox 6” or 15” coil

    Ok, If you have a choice to use/buy one coil for the Equinox would it be the 6” or 15”? Why? Thanks.
  13. Deus battery replacement question

    Has anyone had to replace a battery in their Deus remote, ws4 or coil? Specifically, I’m wondering how long did the original one lasted and how much it cost to replace on a Deus that was out of warranty? Has anyone done this on their own?
  14. ❎ SOLD Whites TRX and F-Pulse pin pointers

    I have a White’s TRX for sale. It is used but works well. It will come with the box, sheath, instructions and 9 volt adapter. I would like $75 MO or PayPal F&F. Shipping is included in the 48. Willing to send outside but you pay shipping. Second is an Fisher F Pulse pinpointer. Works well just...
  15. Pinpointed suggestion

    Pin pointers for tiny stud earrings Ok, I have a question concerning pinpointers that I hope can be answered. Simply put; does anyone know of a super sensitive pinpointer (even a stud finder) that can detect a small stud earring?? I’ve used/tested the following over the years and none of these...
  16. 🙋 WANTED 4.5” AT Pro Super Sniper Coil

    I have an earring to find for a lady so I would like to find a used one or one reasonably priced. If I don’t get a response in a few days, I will purchase a new one. Thanks!
  17. 1 tungsten men's ring and 1 titanium

    I have these two rings that I would like to sell the first one is a cobalt size 11. The tungsten isn't actually a find, but I had bought it new some time ago. It is in perfect shape without a scratch and it is curved on the inside which makes it more comfortable to wear. I would like $25 for it...
  18. ❎ SOLD Luminox Navy Seal Watch

    This is an authentic brand new Navy seal watch. Model 3051. I purchased it and decided that I wanted a different watch. Just trying to make most of my money back on it. I would like $155 for it through Paypal. Please send it Friends and Family. I would also entertain a money order. Price is...
  19. Excalbur shaft advice

    Hello everyone! It has been quit awhile since I’ve posted. I am seeking advice on purchasing a after market Excalibur shaft. First question is that I’m looking at either a Plugger or Anderson shaft. I’m leaning toward a Plugger because they are made in the US and I’ve purchased one before so I...
  20. 💵 FOR SALE Minelab and XP Deus Baseball Caps

    I have both of these ball caps to sell. They are both new. I would like $23 for the Minelab and $15 for the XP cap, or I will sale both for $33. These prices include shipping. I prefer a Paypal Friends and Family payment. Thanks.