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  1. New Garrett ATX

    Just curious about performances...Let's see some review...for the price I would like something of definitive, as Minelab CTX wasn't.
  2. Under The "G" - "10".......BINGO! What A Find! Check It Out.... Its BIG!

    Hell, John, a lot since I was here but you're always up on great finds. Congrats man!
  3. SIL Attacked by Wild Animal

  4. New Treasurenet Member / Tesoro fan

    It's great! Me too i'm a Tesoro fan from Italy:)) :hello2:
  5. bought a deleon

    Yeah! When I've learnt the machine I was able to know it was junk also if it gaves a good signal on two sides literally "feel" is junk. Sometimes I raise the coil and it reads correct 0-17 or around. Deleon is a machine you must know very fine...I bought Vaquero after just because...
  6. Bells, Whistles, or Guts ....

    Is it true that the Vaquero is quite deep as the Tejon??
  7. bought a deleon

    Hi all, I got one one year ago. Well, I love it, but I got some complain...But it's nothing you can't overcome by learning the machine: 1. Preset GB, unfortunately some website suggested me it was autoGB and I was lured by this.... A such level machine is very strange won't have an auto GB...
  8. Metal Detector?

    Bounty Hunter Lone Star or Quick Draw II; Garrett ACE 250....:-) Cheers. M.
  9. Major ACE 250 issues

    I have the ACE since two years. It found a lot of stuff and is sensitive, rough and reliable. By my search way a lot of his features are useless, though, in fact I just run in all metal or coin mode. No pinpointing. It loves caps (less) and screwcaps (a lot) but is the same for the BH. All I can...
  10. An experiamental Night Shot.

  11. Should I get an Ace 250?

    I managed some air test with ACE and Tracker IV. I used a 50 Eurocent coin (bronze, quite an inch diameter) and both detectors all sens up. I've measured with a plastic ruler. The ACE starts detecting it at 9" (appr. 22,50 cm.), the TIV at 8,5" (appr. 21,50 cm.), so I found a slight ACE...
  12. "STOMPN METHOD" Will Get You More coins, Less Bottle Caps With Garretts.

    Re: "STOMP'N METHOD" Will Get You More coins, Less Bottle Caps With Garretts. So you had to try with a 5 pounds hammer ;D ;D ;D Merry Christmas!!!!!
  13. "STOMPN METHOD" Will Get You More coins, Less Bottle Caps With Garretts.

    Re: "STOMP'N METHOD" Will Get You More coins, Less Bottle Caps With Garretts. Yes John, I've read somewhere about it, I think on Tnet, but I'm not sure cause was two years ago....I tried to stomp on some target but was also a long ago and I can't remember the results.. I've much more the...
  14. Hi from Wisconsin

    Wellcome to Tnet...hey, I'm from Italy, would you marry :tongue3: :tongue3: :tongue3:?
  15. In my beautyfull land...

    Honoured you enjoyed, Sir...."...Sweet home Alabama where the skies are so blue...!!!" :wink: :wink:
  16. Should I get an Ace 250?

    So these sounds on the F2 aren't so true, if you got the proof. I will compare the ACE to the TIV in air, still haven't had the time. I can only say that TIV seemed deeper than the ACE on a coin I buried in my yard 1 year ago: 50 Eurocents at 9" (measured). The ACE found it with the 9x12 only...
  17. Should I get an Ace 250?

    I'm not very experienced, but I wonder if the BH round coil could be deeper 'cause it's 8" as the ACE one is just 6,5". And this could be why is reported that the Fisher F2 is deeper than the ACE: has the same coil of the TIV. The TIV performances are unbelievable for the unit price...I think...
  18. In my beautyfull land...

    Thanks Jason, You can use it for all the time you want, of course! I hope to post some picture more in the future....this amazing rock changes quite each week in this season and offers a lot of breathless views....for free!!! Glad you enjoy. Melv
  19. First Winter Garrett Scorpion Hunt Went Straight To The Birds

    What a beautyfull birdie!!!! How could it be so trusting to land quite on your hand?? Was very hungry, I guess! Can I ask you why the Scorpion? It's a gold unit, isn't?? M.
  20. In my beautyfull land...

    Tanks all, guys...this mountain and this picture means a lot to me. No Photoshop...just the mountain! :) Melvin