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  1. Is this a joke??
  2. The Minelab Equinox 800 is a Piece of Junk

    I went on a hunt today and decided to give the Nox 800 a shot. After about an hour in the woods around an old cabin where I found a lot of old coins with my Tesoro Tejon, I got tired of digging a lot of garbage signals with this detector, so I made my way out to the road where I was given...
  3. Help! Trying to get to konw the E-trac

    So, the snow has finally started to melt here in Michigan. I've been out and about with my new E-trac and have been hunting in the default coin mode. It seems that coins always have a high pitch squeal and jingle in at about 12-40 to about 12-46. But I have been wondering, will a gold ring...
  4. Control box Bumper cover and ear stiffener

    There is a guy on eBay selling a control box bumper cover and ear stiffener for 16-bucks. Specifically, the control box bumper looks interesting so I was wondering if anyone here has used them or has any thoughts. If you have one, please share a pic.
  5. F44 or F75?

    Both look like nice detectors, but what makes the F75 $300.00 better?
  6. Best metal detector for forest and field hunting?

    Hi folks, I have been away from the hobby for a while since my metal detector was stolen from my storage garage a few years back during a move. Today I have been reading the forums and started to get an inch to squeeze in some hunts before the ground freezes here in michigan. I jumped the gun...