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  1. 1863 Fort Scott Kansas map pic

    Thought I would share this with you all, I am looking for any Dg, Fr, or close by county or town, pre 1880. I'll try and dig some more out and share.
  2. Ebay global selling program?

    Hi I am a frequent seller on ebay and as for GSP I have had nothing but complaints from customers as to the high cost, and as for me I don't like how long it takes to get paid as GSP sends the invoice also GSP does not offer their service to some countries limiting my customers. I don't offer it...
  3. Privy dig anyone?

    Nice find barberman. We just purchased a home from 1900 and will be detecting and digging this spring can't wait. We have all ready uncovered 1880's stuff near an older foundation on the property. Good luck Kansas hunters.
  4. Symbols over load.

    This is how it is positioned again I have no info just wanting to share a really neat looking KS glyph and see if anyone has an idea as to who or what? Besides I can tell some of you really like talking about triangles… :-)
  5. Symbols over load.

    Howdy guys been quit awhile since being around here, been busy with family and making a living, got some slow time right now and thought I would brush up on my post here. I had actually been out in the country and drove by a month or so ago, it really struck a nerve to get back out there. I have...
  6. Symbols over load.

    Thanks guys looks like this will all be on hold for a few months till the weather gets warmer these bones are not feeling that good in the cold. Keep the comments coming. can always use the thoughts!!!
  7. Symbols over load.

    The vertical line on right has a perpendicular line to the left. in the field it actually looks like anchor to me or j backwards j. I do need to remove moss and see whats up. I may be able to make it out today.
  8. Symbols over load.

    These walls run along this creek on both sides for a distance of about 75 yards at the very south end of these walls is a wagon crossing through the creek. At one time some one had dug a hand dug well next to the creek. it is filled up now as i believe it to be part of an early settlement from...
  9. Symbols over load.

    Re: almost forgot this one. I just noticed all the holes to the right of this mark! I willhave to go back and get a better pic!!!
  10. Symbols over load.

    almost forgot this one. This is also on the same wall. a very interesting mark if I do say so my self. this wall with these marks are up the creek from the symbols overload wall. which is actually a small cavern down the creek from here and around a bend or two.
  11. Symbols over load.

    pic 4 & 5 At the top of said wall are these marks. they are equally spaced and of the same length. they look like the drill marks to blow out or quary rock but I do not believe this was quaried or have the need to use so much dynomite just blast some sand stone. they are hard to see in the pics...
  12. Symbols over load.

    pics 2 &3 holes drilled in the east wall/ left wall
  13. Symbols over load.

    new pic 1 looking south through the cut out sand stone walls
  14. Symbols over load.

    Re: Found new marks. I can not get pictures from phone will try to get something this weekend!! Thanks guys.
  15. Symbols over load.

    Found new marks. Finally made it out today back to the overload and found some great things but forgot the camera got some pics with the phone but have not found the cord to get them on the computer. Found another j backwards j down the creek from the cavern also found what i thought was very...
  16. Symbols over load.

    Thanks guys for the comments. I believe the pic with moss on it is something good. i can not wait to get the detector out and see what is going on below the groun!! I will keep you all posted for sure. If I come up missing for more than a month just figure I'm dead or in Cancun! I plan on...
  17. Symbols over load.

    Found the pm message and looks like you had all ready answered my Pm to you. Thank you. I'll see what I can and relay later if i can make it out today.
  18. Symbols over load.

    one more of place. this is looking out towards the wall with the most writing. The place is large, most writing has been washed away.
  19. Symbols over load.

  20. Symbols over load.

    Yes up from here, the creek does fork as well as have an island between the mark and fork, it would be a small island.