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  1. ~Cobbs Blade~

    A Cobbs blade, I found a couple of weeks back. It’s right at 3”, and shows no beveling. The first of its type i’ve seen with a notch on the base.. Winona county Minnesota find
  2. ~A Couple~

    A couple from s.e. Minnesota, both surface finds. Out of Winona county along the upper Mississippi River valley…✌️
  3. ~A favorite~

    A s.e. Minnesota creek bank find from a couple of years back.. feel free to post up some of your favorites….👍
  4. ~yesterday’s find

    Probably my last hunt of the year… snow has fallen and it will probably stick around.. got out for a bit yesterday, and walked up to this point, likely a woodland era Koster/ apple blossom or cedar valley…. 2 3/4” in length….✌️
  5. ~ yesterday’s pair~

    I was able to get out for a few hours yesterday… scored me a couple .. the one on the left (with the quarter) is a field find, the other was found along the creek bank. I’m not certain on the types right now… not many more hunts for me this year, old man winters knocking on the door.
  6. Minnesota finds

    Just a mix of Minnesota surface finds, found over the years…..✌️
  7. ~ back to the creek~

    I spent a couple of hours at the creek yesterday.. was able to bring one home… with the crooked, offset base it leads me to call it a early woodland Kramer point.. I also believe it to be heat treated Burlington.. leaves are dropping, winters soon coming.. my season will be over soon.. hopefully...
  8. ~one row at a time~

    Yesterday’s corn field find, 3~3/8” in length… looks Adena/variant.. s.e. Minnesota.
  9. ~creek knife~

    Spent a couple hours in the creek yesterday, I managed a couple of brokes and this blade… likely heat treated. Just over 3-3/4”… looks to be a Adena/variant… s.e. Minnesota….
  10. Thoughts on a I.d.

    I posted this before, but I am having a hard time typing… I’m not finding anything close to a match for my area.. it is just over 2 1/4” in length, with a rather flat cross section… likely used as a knife… a recent s.e. Minnesota surface find…
  11. A handfull

    A handfull of my larger knives/ blades… s.e. Minnesota surface finds
  12. ~cedar valley Jasper-

    I found this point a few months back, here in s.e.Minnesota. Many suggested it looked” creek stained… though it was found on high ground… after a little research.. I believe it to be made of cedar valley Jasper, native to s.e. Minnesota and into Wisconsin… I still haven’t put a certain type on...
  13. ~Spokeshave time~

    A couple of Spokeshaves I have found over the years… anybody else have any Spokeshaves?… post ‘um up… please. ….. s.e. Minnesota surface finds.
  14. ~Adena~

    A Adena point, found late winter, early spring of this year… a s.e. Minnesota surface find.
  15. Adena narrow stem

    Another over the weekend? standing corn find S E Minnesota. 2 1/4 inches Not the best pics but not the best point either lol
  16. Scraper

    A recent scraper find in the standing corn S E Minnesota surface find
  17. One outta the cornfield

    The weather?s cooling and the corn is drying Made it to the cornfield for a few hours today Found this guy laying right on the surface Unsure of its type right now 2 7/8? in length S.e. Minnesota surface find
  18. ~Adena narrow stem ~

    Took a hike at my springs site yesterday afternoon Stumbled upon this Adena narrow stem s e Minnesota
  19. Creek blade

    Found earlier this weekend Gravel bar find se Minnesota
  20. ~ cool tool~

    Yesterday?s creek find se Minnesota after 4-6?+ of rain the last few weeks The creeks are lowering A first of this type for me