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  1. Pink out

    Pinkest sky I ever saw..
  2. Arizona Dowsed treasure lead

    Here is a Treasure lead listed in Thomas P. Terry treasure book, Arizona. I chased a 8 mile Gold signal to the area, rain chased me out. Any Dowsers see anything good? There is a few mines in pic.
  3. Island Treasure

    Years back I Dowsed a Silver signal from shore 8 miles away, to S Manitou Island. I didnt get any Gold, nor Meteorite, and I assume Spanish coins. I took the ferry spent a day hiking 11 miles, ran out of time and water and missed the ferry back. I'm not sure if I'll try to get to it again. I...
  4. Meteorite

    My unclassified 200 gram Nickel/Iron Meteorite, sent from a friend in Nevada. Would be cool to be made into a knife, but love it as it is..
  5. Michigan vintage hunting licenses

    I bought these for $2.00 at a garage sale.
  6. Carbon filter tubes

    I ordered some Carbon filter tube stock, to try as swivel rod holders. Being paramagnetic they should help with figuring L-rods out. Direct contact to ground thru rods should be blocked by the Carbon, but I need to test to be sure. For me Aluminum is the worst metal to use for L-rods, is Carbon...
  7. Penny stock

    Rjk Explorations have been searching for the source of the 800 carot Nippissing Diamond. Not like other penny stocks, they are searching, and have discovered multiple kimberlite locations, along with securing 100% rights to the claims in the area. Cobalt, and Silver areas. Right now the stock is...
  8. Wyoming kimberlites

    Many areas of crypto volcanic structures, can be observed, with kimberlite diamond ferrous possibilites, just west and North of Cheyenne. Seems to me a very interesting area to prospect for gems. I dont see any posts about it. Has anyone checked it out? Is it a nice place to visit, camp...
  9. Elements and L-rods

    I'm begining my journal on my Dowsing. Solar cycle 25 has begun, and I can again dowse Elements in search of treasures. As the Solar cycle get stronger, the strength and occurrence of the Dowsable signal will increase. In Michigan here we're cold and snowing. Probably won't get out Dowsing till...
  10. What triggers Dowsing

    If you've read my posts you already know that I know and preach, that Dowsing power isn't constant and is governed by release of energy from the Sun. As Solar cycle 25 moves toward maximum, dowsing power will improve. This is not all Dowsers beliefs, I know. Just my knowledge thru experience...
  11. My Az Lost mine lead needs investigation

    North of Wickenburg, travel Hassayanpa. In 2004 I uncovered a hidden adit/mine entrance, believed to be a lost rich Gold mine. I couldn't enter at that time. I'm offering 50% of nothing to an honest prospectors whom will investigate it for me. Video documentation of surrounding area, types of...
  12. Overburden covering ore

    I've been around Arizona, where you can see most of the surface rocks. What states have good Gold ore deposits, but are unable to see it because of weeds, grass and trees?
  13. Looking for a Stagestop

    I once stopped at a Stagestop that only had a sign. OLD STAGE STOP. Their was no ruins, just parking on the side of a mtn, the road was dirt but not rough. It's not the Stage stop on Senator hwy. It was W of 17, N of Bumblebee, E of the Bradshaw's. Anybody know where this was? I lost it..
  14. The other side of the triangles

    Here is a pic of one side of 6, Dowsed long distant targets. Dowsed from inside my house about 2 years ago during the end of Solar cycle 24. Once Solar cycle 25 gets underway, I'll be able to Dowse the second line, then X Mark's the spot. These 6 targets all have multiple Elements in them...
  15. Treasure Island, Higgins lake Mi.

    This is a pic of the island out in Higgins lake, aka Treasure island. A Gold cache Treasure legend. I Dowsed toward it from shore, 1 mi. S, last year March. I had one Gold alone signal in my 360 degrees dowse. I dowse toward the W side of island. Without triangulating, I believe the target is on...
  16. LB Gold

    Some of the largest nuggets I see come from Australia. It's like you can find descent surface nuggets just about everywhere. In the past some exceptionally large nuggets weighing pounds have been found. Is the main source to all these giant nuggets been located? Is the motherlode veins/reef of...
  17. Roger's lake Arizona

    A legend of Gold bars hidden in Roger's lake near Flagstaff Arizona is written. Like most treasure legends, it's most likely fabricated. Does anybody have any info related to this lost treasure? Where would someone find the first written account of this?
  18. Anything here?

    This is a picture of a listed Treasure Legend spot. Even though the story doesn't pan out, the spot is a Dowsed mystery to me. Does anyone get anything, particularly, unrefined Gold bars with Mercury in them? If so where? TY
  19. Gold and Meteorites

    My Minelab Explorer 11 Relic detector doesn't sound off at all, when it comes to this 200 gram Iron Meteorite. Even with discrimination off. Crazy.. What's a good detector that works best for Meteorites, and Gold?
  20. Where to watch if you watching

    Where to watch if your watching Fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field are shown with A and K indices. A in the red is indication of possible Dowsing power is on, but it is a broad daily indication. Also a high solar wind, and high density is possible dowsing power increase. Watching the...