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  1. Am i the only one??

    I said something a couple of weeks ago bout all the adds. Was told the admin was working on it. I cant believe it isn't fixed yet ??? Tim
  2. Why the ads

    What has happened to the this site?? Tons of ads... Tim
  3. Pop-ups?

    Is anyone else seeing pop-up ads?? Tim
  4. ✅ SOLVED Lead Rifle

    Found at an old home site in California. Dime for size. What would it had been used for, kids toy?? Any ideas. Thanks Tim
  5. ✅ SOLVED Help with metalic collar disc

    I am assuming that is what this is. Is it military?? It looks like a tank. 1 Inch diameter. I looked on this site but didn't find one like it. Dating Metallic Insignia: Collar Disks Any help would be great. Found at an old home site early 1900's Thanks Tim
  6. Couple of old buttons

    The one with the eagle says J.M.LITCHFIELD S.F. CAL. The best date I could come up with was 1890-1895 I was thinking older than that though.?? The other button says PACIFIC BUTTON CO. S FRAN. CAL. The best date range for this one I could find was after the Civil War. And looks like it had...
  7. Book Marker??

    Thought this was just a scrap piece of copper and tossed in my scrap metal stuff. Then I realized it was more.. Thinking maybe a book marker?? It's fairly thin. The dime for size. Thanks Tim
  8. ✅ SOLVED Bronze Bison Head??

    Found this at an old home site dating around 1890's. At first I thought it was iron because it had rust on it. It does no stick to a magnet though. Can't tell if it's Brass, Bronze or Copper, heavy for it's size. Dime for size. Thanks Tim
  9. ✅ SOLVED Bit Boss??

    Really don't know what this is, so here goes.. It's brass with iron attached to it. Dime for size.. Thanks Tim
  10. This token is driving me nuts!!!

    I love tokens, been collecting them for years.This is a nice old style mint token. Found in Central California at an old house site. There is cement or something on the token glued right over the letters I need to see. I have nuked it, soaked it on my super sauce (works great usually) , tried...
  11. Watch but its not??

    Watch but it's not?? This piece seems familiar, but can't place it. Looks at first like a watch, But with the big roll thing connected to the knob.?? Maybe a kids toy?? Had a roll of picture paper and you turned the knob to change pictures??? Thanks for looking Tim
  12. ✅ SOLVED Neckerchief slide,, Scouts or something else??

    Found a lot of different Boy Scout slides, but never one like this, Or at least i don't remember:tongue3:. Is this scouts or something else???? As always, thanks :icon_thumleft: Tim
  13. Eda Varricchio painting

    Got this from my an Estate recently. Can seem to find out much about the artist, except what is written on the back. The signature seems right for her paintings. but what I did find looks like it could worth some money. Is anybody familiar with this artist?? Any help would be much...
  14. ✅ SOLVED Overalls, suspenders, what this from and when?

    Any help with age and use would be great.. Thanks in advance. 1 & 3/8" wide by 1 & 1/2" tall. Made if brass.. Says: T. WALKER'S, PATENT.. Tim
  15. Little help???

    Had it on the what-it's forum, They suggested I post it here,, Makes sence,, Didn't even know the was dousing forum??????:laughing7: My old hunting buddy has come to a point he can't do it anymore. Selling all his stuff. We sure miss him on hunts, But won't be long for the rest of us.. I...
  16. Help me out here???

    My old hunting buddy has come to a point he can't do it anymore. Selling all his stuff. We sure miss him on hunts, But won't be long for the rest of us..??? I guess you call this a "Dousing Rod"?? The three smaller items are marked, 1 2 and 3.. He said one was for "Gold", one was for...
  17. Help with a button?

    Interesting little button.. Measures 3/4 Inch diameter. I can see stars on the back, but no writing. Thanks in advance for any info.. Tim
  18. Help with Gold marks..

    Found this ring,, It's deffenitly Gold, but this is the only mark on it. Any ideas??? Thanks Tim
  19. Butter knife hair barrette ???

    Going through my brass an copper to take to the recyclers, and found this. It was all bent up, looked like scrap at first. I'm sure it's a hair barrette, but why a butter knife:icon_scratch::icon_scratch::icon_scratch: Maybe a tie clasp for a Cook... Thanks for looking Tim
  20. Help with Token

    Found in California at an old home site. I did find this in my search, about all I found. Both tokens are Aluminum, scalloped edges and 30mm, diameter. Looks like from the same fountain to me.. Mine says: TITUS DRUG STORE GOOD FOR ONE GLASS ICE CREAM The link...