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  1. only in Canada eh

    Along with my hunting knife, Lesche tool, long handled steel spade I have added a new tool to my digging arsenal...."The Permafrost Penetrator." Only in Canada eh....tant it da trut youz!
  2. Rosie fetch silver

    It was a dog's day morning with the wind howling like a wounded banshee. My digging mate was tied up and Marie was leaving me off leash. Going down the provincial 101 Nogo was blown from side to side by the relentless wind. Arrived at the hunt spot which was void of any find save for a...
  3. Digbat Digaholic dig the Dingle

    Our first real snow storm came and went leaving a thick whit blanket. Next day a torrential day long down pour removed all the snow leaving the ground ripe for a dig. Took advantage of the day took Nogo to the Dingle for a hunt. Low tide so I figured the shore line would be a great place to try...
  4. its that time of year

    Thinking that Woodie Digget is getting into the Christmas spirit as is everyone during these trying times. Be safe all and remember that "Today is a good day to dig." Mind you here in the Land of the Bluenose we got a dusting of a foot and a half of snow last night.ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
  5. December Digaholic Calendar

    Another month and the last for this year. Already let it be known to my sister that a follow up finds calendar would be a great gift for this digaholic. Be safe all!
  6. Quest for the "Q" injures Zen Guru

    Weather. Mixed bag today. Just overcast when I left my abode. Quota was on my mind. Cannot recall the last time I hit my stride. Stopped at as few different places amassing 44 coins. Changed venue by going mountain goating in the woods. This time of year is not a good time to be in the woods...
  7. Detectorist Digging Without Permission

    Takes all kinds..hope they are caught and keel hauled!
  8. The case of the "Missing Hound of the Dingle"

    Unseen by Sherwood Hemlock (Bluenoser) a note was slid under his door at the Baker Street apartment. The sound however did catch the ear of the intrepid detective. Examining the envelope that contained the message Sherwood could not help but smell the intoxicating fragrance that had permeated...
  9. Deep thoughts

    Deep thoughts from the confused Bluenose phycologist. If politicians tell the truth..........will their nosed grow? Can a metal detectorist be buried in his hobby? Do owls really give a hoot? Ever wonder why you wonder? Why do weeping willows weep? Never having to say you are sorry is...
  10. New digging jacket

    From the land of the Bluenose...finally got my new digging jacket all dolled up! Last photo is of a hazard we have here while swishing (water detecting.) Be safe all!
  11. First day at myrtle

    Way to le3ave a place much better than you found it. Dig and they will come!
  12. 3D outing good for PR

    "3D" ends with good P.P. for the hobby Drive Nogo was chomping at the bit to get on the road on a day that felt like a dig. Then again there are not too many days that don't! Down the 100 series provincial highway towards Berwick which is named Harvest Highway being the farm area of my province...
  13. Lead toy car and a lot of cool stuff

    Whole hodge podge of finds. Looks like a fun hunt. Be safe!
  14. Trade axe from the Michigan dirt

    Just never know what will come out of the ground next...nice one!
  15. Bent copper in the pocket of the Silver 43 Gang

    DCI Bluenose had received the news he did not want to hear. As head of the internal affairs department it was his job to weed out bent coppers. A "C.I." (confidential informant) had related to his next in command D.C. Zen that a local gang had a copper on it's payroll. Action had to be taken...
  16. Pretty good day

    Just never know what will pop out next sir! Good scoffs.
  17. 1918

    Finally had a day off and enough go go juice in me to get out for an abbreviated little look see. Hit a park with the heavy Zen Guru which took away some of the enjoyment but it panned out on a very deep large 1918 copper. Few odds and ends and the walk through the path was refreshing to a...
  18. Old school clad and half a panel truck, sports fields yields a tiny silver ring

    Looks like it was a fun hunt with a nice hodge podge of finds. Take care.
  19. Who likes old iron?

    Different for sure. Happy hunting.
  20. Looking to buy Freedom 3 or Freedom 3 Plus

    Willing to pay top $ for either in good working order. Anyone know about a place that repairs the older machines? Txs.