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  1. Book #2 Lost Diary of Thomas J. Beall

  2. Secrets of the Lost Confederate Gold = As told by the talking Trees.

    A new book. Actually my first published book. It contains a lot about the Confederate Treasures especially Danville, Virginia. It also contains how to read KGC Signs and how to find their treasures. It reveals how we found the Confederate Treasury left in Danville, Virginia. All though not...
  3. New Plaque On Oak Island

    A new plaque was placed on Oak Island today by Scott Barlow. The passing of Chris Donah, an astronomer that appeared on at least two of "The Curse of Oak Island Shows" and contributed a lot with his knowledge of Astronomy. There were 36 of us members in the "Oak Island Astroastronomy Group" My...
  4. King Arthur in ANNWN (Other World)

  5. Found Oak Island Treasure

    SingleStack Wonders and others that doubt my ability to find treasures. Here is my word and my promise. The Oak Island Treasure is at Mercy Point. The treasure was placed there in 1398 by Prince Henry Sinclair from his ship, the Katherine. Prince Henry Sinclair said in his Journals that the...
  6. Before 7th Century?

    Any ideas of this coins place of origin?
  7. Discussion on J. Frank Carroll's Book Confederate Treasure in Danville

    I need your thoughts and post on J. Frank Carroll's book, "Confederate Treasure in Danville." Frank left a lot of questions unanswered, even questions I have asked him many times while he was alive. First, How did Frank know about the three soldiers returning to Danville after the Battle of...
  8. Letters Found of Albert Pike

    Has anyone heard or seen any books or post claiming that 27 lost letters of Albert Pike have been found. These letters claim to reveal locations of secret KGC Depositories? Has anyone heard this? Myself, I do not believe the part about the KGC Depositories because they never wrote anything down...
  9. Christmas Present Hunter Hill

    Here is a photograph of the Home of James Beverly Risque, Giles Ward and James Beverly Ward. All their generations at least five generations grew up right there in that house. That is all I am going to say on the subject. Merry Christmas.
  10. View of Robert Morris

    This is the view Robert Morris would have had looking out his window at the home where he died, January 1863.
  11. Symbol of Hermes The Messenger Angel

    The medical sign which originated with the, Messenger Angel, Hermes or Mercury. Where can I find any real information about the sign of the entwined snakes. Is there a geometrical sequence to the sign. I know the snakes cross about four or five times. Also that a number "8" is associated with...
  12. John Swift's Journal

    I will be leaving the forum for a spell. I have it worked out on the Swift Silver Mines. I also have it worked out on the Job Print Pamphlet of the Beale Treasure in Bedford County, Virginia, which also involved a journal or pamphlet. Believe it or not the two treasure stories were brought out...
  13. Time To Move On

    I have enjoyed the past few years on Treasurenet. I like reading others ideas and sharing my ideas. But the time has come to place all of this behind me. I wish the best to all posters and future posters. It is good to share research and information with others. Lately, though there has been...
  14. Military Court Martials or Trials

    Does anyone know how to obtain "Military Court Martial Records" or "Military Trials" in general. Where are these records kept? I was seeking a "Military Court Record" from the Civil War" I had the historian check all of their court records. She even when into the Court basement and checked the...

    Here is a link to an article in the Richmond Newspaper April 16, 2017 Dreams of Confederate Gold Finally got it to work. Moderators please delete the double...

    Here is a link to an article in the Richmond Newspaper April 17, 2017
  17. The Quest to Break America's Most Mysterious Code

    Here is a real good read, whether you believe the Beale Treasure is Real or whether it is Hoax.

    No gold found at Dent's Run according to an audio by the FBI on this Update.
  19. Land Ownership

    To prove if there is or ever was a treasure buried on Oak Island, we must first find out who or whom had title to the land when a treasure was buried. If you or your friends buried a treasure that was worth $4 Million Pounds, I think the land should be in one of our names. Has anyone checked in...
  20. THE END----BEALE TREASURE-----THE END The search is over. No need to decipher "FAKE" cipher codes. It is over.