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  1. Beyond Oak Island

    Believe what you will. I have a hand drawn map of Sebastian Inlet, Mel Fisher drew for my brother and I as to where his salvage ship was working. That is where we searched the beach and found the lead sinker. I dowsed and told him I was picking up gold and silver off to the right of his salvage...
  2. Beyond Oak Island

    Hi Ben, I have been there when no one was there it was during Christmas week. You may find a coin tossed upon the beach every now and then but mostly nothing. I found a one ounce lead sinker when my brother and I were there. Mel Fisher drew us a map of where to hunt. That was when he was setting...
  3. Oak Island the Strange, the Bizarre, and Maybe the "Truth!

    It is a really good comedy reality show? Really funny. Hard not to laugh. Wood could it be?
  4. Page #3 of the ciphers MUST contain the surname “Dowdy” within it.

    Why not? It has been over 6 months since filming.
  5. Dents Run Gold

    Ocean7, You would be correct about government military property. If anything like that is found, 100% goes to the US Government of the find, but you would get a 50% split of the value of the find. I have all this from the GSA. That is if it is on US Government Property. If it is on other land...
  6. Dents Run Gold

    I contacted them to recover the maps from my great grandfather's grave which had the name of a soldier that survived the prison camps during the Civil War. The maps was buried at the foot of his grave because he was a double bodyguard for both Presidents and he had the locations of 58...
  7. Dents Run Gold

    No I believe the huge FBI response was in response to the State getting so much beef from the treasure hunters. There were a lot of legal issues to straighten out. Why the FBI responded the way they did is beyond me. I have several really large depositories to recover and they only threatened me...
  8. Oak Island the Strange, the Bizarre, and Maybe the "Truth!

    It is a good comedy show instead of a reality show.
  9. Dents Run Gold

    I still say the Union Army was not desperate enough to send out 2,500 pounds of gold by an escort of only 7 men. You can order the Paymaster Manuscripts of Shipments and their escorts. 50 gold bars at 50 pound each =2,500 pounds multiply by 16 would be 40 thousand ounces at about $26 a pound...
  10. Dents Run Gold

    Here is a little something I wrote that pertains to the missing gold. ELK COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA MISSING GOLD Writers with pen and paper have buried more treasures of gold, silver and jewels, than robbers and pirates ever actually did with pick and shovel. Such is the missing gold reportedly...
  11. Dents Run Gold

    Probably just loading up to leave.
  12. Season 9

    Same to you RTR.
  13. Oak Island the Strange, the Bizarre, and Maybe the "Truth!

    The Knights Templar were on Oak Island. They were all over this country all the way to the Rocky Mountains. I will post proof sometime this year as I am going on the road to get the evidence. Others will post evidence this year as well. As for King Arthur II I know he and his people came over...
  14. Oak Island the Strange, the Bizarre, and Maybe the "Truth!

    I believe this relevant to Oak Island as robot has shown the same type of trees planted by the Knights Templar are on Oak Island. If the Knights Templar planted these types of trees and they are no where on the other 364 Islands in Mahone Bay and only on Oak Island then that makes it relevant...
  15. Season 9

    Now the Lagina's have read more than "Reader's Digest" about Oak Island. The New Show, "Beyond Oak Island" in it's second season and may have 8 or 10 more good years digging all over the World chasing butterflies and fairies.
  16. Season 9

    Surely not. They are going to dig around in the mud and old shaft holes warranting a dig of four each ten foot cans. It is going to be Season 10 and they are still not going to find any treasure other than their weekly salary from commercials and sponsors. If there is a real treasure on Oak...
  17. Season 9

    Well here is Marty Lagina his biography and his net worth. Only $4 Million not $100 Million. Here is Rick Lagina's Networth and biography. When he first started the Oak Island Show his Networth was only less than $300,000...
  18. Season 9

    Net Worth and Tax Worth are two completely different things. Net Worth $100 Million Tax Worth $15 Million.
  19. Season 9

    That is the truth. If you go back and watch the first three seasons. The brothers hardly had the money to get a water drill out on Oak Island. Now.
  20. Season 9

    It's a reality show nothing more. The only treasure hunter on the reality show, "The Curse of Oak Island," is Gary Drayton. He uses the cash from the show for expenses to recover his treasures from the Gold Coast and all around the World. Because you want to recover a treasure or solve a...