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  1. Rock collection Identification

    Not an expert by far but looked like alot of is jasper. Im sorry that 2nd pic reminds me of petrified poop lol its not but I've actually seem some i didn't know i had it in my rock collection lol yellow rock is gorgeous. I hope someone with more knowledge comes along. I don't get much help either
  2. Can anyone tell me what this is?

    They're all in the quartz family is what i was saying or trying to lol
  3. Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Probably jasper or agate. Without it being open hard to tell but as this other guy keeps saying they're all chalcdony but diff types. Very pretty regardless
  4. 40+lb unknown mineral/crystal

    I was gonna say agate seeing the inside but yes all in the quartz family. I have rock with crystal attached i broke a chunk off of and im clueless too lol other than prob some type of quartz. It grows weird i think lol did you have a clue? Lol
  5. Park hunting results from yesterday

    I don't metal detect often at all maybe i should but id need a bigger one im sure. That lil flower piece idk if that's costume jewelry or not but it looks like ethiopian opal. I do rocks gems minerals geology amateurist basically lol nice
  6. Found several over the weekend

    I did find out pic 6 is lemon jade which is very unusual in my area.
  7. Found several over the weekend

    Ty i have one just takes forever there's 3lbs going most the time lol that first pic looks like someone tried to tumble clear and milky quartz and gave up found walking bike trail that goes all over town. Others in creek beds. Thx again
  8. Found several over the weekend

    Found several over the weekend i figure are just normal flint type rocks except the quartz ball but son thinks diff so here we are lol
  9. I need help with identifying these rocks

    Then why not just call it all one thing would make it a helluva lot easier lol we've always used steel to spark the rocks but to each his own 😊
  10. I need help with identifying these rocks

    That is how we generally test to know if its in the flint family. I know quartz is in most of what you mentored but I've never had a spark from Agate or quartz itself. Still learning been yrs and still learning lol still have many rocks i can't identify i believe they are in the quartz family...
  11. I need help with identifying these rocks

    I've never seen agate like that and agate would never produce a spark lol i def could be wrong too but this is yellow agate. I have some that is caramel colored in the middle of a stone.
  12. What is this ???

    It was clear lol i knew what you meant. I have similar looking rocks a cpl and only answer i got was chert lol i think they're wrong lol
  13. From Ohio Fairfiield county and im here for help with rock identification and to try and help others with theirs if possible lol heres a few. 2nd w/ro

    I wasn't sure i figured quartz family but quartz grows differently i thought. Friend thought they were dried sap lol too pretty to be sap i thought. Thx anyways gonna tumble them
  14. What are these little stones anyone know?

    Some of these are gorgeous, picture doesn't do justice
  15. What are these little stones anyone know?

    Thx im pretty much brand new about a week lol
  16. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Does these symbols on the tombstone mean something ?

    Id say something to do with the masons. The all seeing eye and pyramid is why i say this. I could be way off but don't think so. The freemasons have been around for thousands of yrs