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  1. 1700s coin spill! Fugios, 2-Reale, and Draped Bust!

    That is a heck of a spill. I think all the coins look great :thumbsup:
  2. First Silver of β€˜22, a few coins and relics before big snow

    Nice haul Thad, probably your last for a while with all the snow we got, and it's not gonna warm up any time soon :dontknow:
  3. 2 days, 21 early American copper coins!

    Freaking amazing :notworthy:
  4. 1785 Nova Constellatio, my best coin ever!

    Holy crapola! That is in spectacular condition - both sides! That coin is high on my Bucket List. I know two friends that have found them in SW PA, so there is still hope for me.
  5. Blind Frog Ranch

    The rope and the logs looked very modern to me.
  6. First new site of 2022, fun hunt.

    Nice digs Thad. We'll have to try and get out some time now that I'm retired.
  7. 2021 Spanish silver finds

    Looks like a good year to me. I just got 2 half reals this year.
  8. Squeezed out a couple nice looking coins from a beat site

    Nice squeezings Thad. Don't see many IHPs come out of the ground looking like that.
  9. Amazing cuff link discovery!

    Very cool to find a linked pair of those John. I have found a linked pair of the Spanish coin "facsimile" cufflinks. I have also found three half reals that were once cufflinks, two of which went back into circulation as money,
  10. Honest Abe , silver coins, gun powder flask and a few other things

    Nice patriotic powder flask. The Harrison campaign button is a great find, and the Abe Lincoln bust is very cool. Are there any attachment devices on the back of the Lincoln bust?
  11. My first Jersey Copper! And some other cool finds from a new permission

    Congrats on your first Jersey. You will no doubt find more. I have found 8 of them so far way out here in SW PA. Your oval buckle does appear to be a knee buckle.
  12. Watch Winders - Post Yours Here

    Nice grouping Pepper, thanks for posting.
  13. πŸ₯‡ BANNER Slave Hire Badge

    Looks like you had a heck of a trip, congrats on those finds :thumbsup:
  14. World War I 1918 veterans Ring

    Nice find. That vet must have had some tiny hands :dontknow:
  15. French gold!

    Wonderful find. Congrats!
  16. 30 yrs of Seated Halves and Seated Quarters

    Very nice. In 30 years I have never dug a seated half or a seated quarter. :dontknow:
  17. Wreath find, but what tongue would fit this small of a wreath?

    That's a wreath for a small, mid 19th century sash buckle.
  18. Seated Half and seated quarter back to back

    Wow! Two coins that I have never found in all my years. I wouldn't worry too much about the value. Besides being holed, both look to have a lot of surface scratches.