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  1. Lumber Camps

    Amen to that..
  2. Alpena, Michigan

    For some, there's no identifying to do. Some bottles are completely unmarked, others will have a patent number, some have old name brands on them.
  3. Lumber Camps

    Are you in Northeast Michigan?
  4. Alpena, Michigan

    Most of the bottles I find are impossible to tell if they're old gin, wine, or soda bottles. I haven't cleaned any of the containers except the Vernor's, Coke, and the Dehring's soft drink bottles.
  5. Alpena, Michigan

    There's some cleaning to do...I gave my best finds to my grandfather. There was a 1927 Vernor's ginger ale bottle and a 1965 Coca-cola bottle.
  6. Alpena, Michigan

  7. Lumber Camps

    See, I've tried metal detectors, but even with a discrimination setting, it still goes off just for an old, rusty tin can. The way I see it, you'll have better luck just using the detector to find a sire to dig and just freehanding from there on.
  8. Alpena, Michigan

    I dig up old bottles anywhere from the 1890's to the 1960's out near Hubbard Lake, Michigan. I've found early glass Listerine bottles, Karol's syrup, a 1927 Vernor's bottle, Pepsin and antiseptic bottles, even old utensils. There are tons of old junk piles in the area.
  9. What exactly is the AOL Gold Rush?

    Saw the topic, got curious.
  10. Any idea what model car this is part of?

    I found these at the back of my property a few years ago and never found out what they are...anyone have an idea what model car these are part of? Being the area I live in, they might be part of an old Alpena Flyer... (The knife is just for scale of the..i think it's a part of a...
  11. Logging Hunt in Northeast Michigan

    I know logging is a MAJOR part of Alpena's history..let alone, the state of Michigan..and William Boeing's father has ties to the town, or more or less, has left a trace there by accident in his logging career...on Google Earth, look just a ways northeast of the Lafarge Alpena cement plant. If...
  12. The Whiskey Ship, "City of Dresden"

    You have any idea what these kegs and bottles were sealed with? If they were airtight and waterproof...well, then there's a pinch's chance that there may be some "prohibited" liquor resting on the lakebed....
  13. Silver Mother Lode Michigan

    I read Richard Kellogg's book, "The Wall of Silver" and he said the Englishman's name was Sabin Stone...think he may have changed the name to throw off record tracing efforts?
  14. North Fox - South Fox Michigan Island Treasure

    What connection do you think the U.S. Military has to a myth of treasure? Would the government actually be in pursuit of this treasure?
  15. Heard of this one?

    My grandpa who lives near Traverse City, Michigan was helping redo the walls of an old house and in the walls they found stacked safety deposit boxes, some still with their contents from the 1940's.
  16. Lumber Camps

    I know there are a lot of you out there who have some interest in early lumber camps, and I can tell you right up front that Alpena is second to none in the possible finds from the late 1800s to early 1900s. I've excavated sites of old camps out near Hubbard Lake and i've found some glass...
  17. All You Treasure Hunters, Protect Yourselves from Snake Bite

    Little tip: when bit by a snake, determine the size of the snake to see if there's a large amount of venom in the bite wound. Little babies have a nasty habit of spitting every last drop of venom into a bite whereas adults just give enough to make you feel it. Also, NEVER do that fake "cut a...
  18. Understanding "Authentic" in a literary sense

    So it's still out there, then..I've dreamed, for years now, of one day setting up a team and finding that treasure...legally or illegally...that's not something you'd want to sell, if found. That's something you find, hide, and shut up haha
  19. Attic finds

    I was able to gain access to an old house near Lachine and in the attic I found a centennial U.S. Half dollar, a centennial Canadian penny, five wheatback U.S. pennies, one Canadian penny from 1957, and one lead wheatback U.S. penny from 1943.
  20. Understanding "Authentic" in a literary sense

    Now, I thought someone found the Beale Treasure recently? If I remember correctly, there was a news headline on google when I searched "Beale Treasure" that said it was found.