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  1. Penny Postcard Pictures

    Hope this isn't a re-post. What did your town look like according to Penny Postcards? Check out your old stomping grounds during the times of the penny postcard. Click on the state and then on the county name to see old penny picture postcards from that area...pretty neat...
  2. Found so far this year, in change

    Must be people are digging into their stashes.
  3. Old Lansing

    Check this out. Should bring back a few memories. Remember how many Indoor and drive-in theaters used to be in Lansing?
  4. Old nickle

    I don't have a lot of knowledge about coins, what makes it a semi key date? It's pretty dirty, should I put it in some soapy water?
  5. Old nickle

    Got this old nickle in change at the local coffee shop today.
  6. I always wanted one of these.

    That brings back some memories!!
  7. How many VETS have spent Christmas away from home.

    2 on the USS Forrestal, 1 on the USS Independence in the Med. 1 on the USS Enterprise in the WestPac.
  8. Navy Talk

    Watch out talkin' about us "Airdales" !!!!!!!
  9. What is it ?

    Thanks Harry. I never thought of Petoskey Stone. I've never seen one this big. Think I should polish it ?
  10. What is it ?

    I've had this "Rock" for several years & don/t even remember where I found it. I think it was on a Lake Michigan beach. Will someone tell me what it is ? Thanks for looking.
  11. Old Map Link

    I hope this isn't a re-post.
  12. Americans in the Russian north (Archangel 1918)

    Was this part of the "Polar Bear Division"?
  13. neat plane

    Great pics! I was stationed at NATC (Naval Air Test Center) in the late 60s. No Corsairs there at that time. Mostly Phantoms were in my area.
  14. Button ID help more pics

    Re: Button ID help Worthless, send it to me for disposal!!
  15. Michigan Law State Owned Land - Not Parks ??

    Yup, they would rather let stuff lay there & rot!
  16. Old Restaurants

    I got this in my email today & thought it might be of interest:
  17. Michigan Law State Owned Land - Not Parks ??

    Last year I found an old homestead on state owned land that was open to hunting. When I checked with the DNR office in Cadillac, I was told that I COULD NOT metal detect on that state owned land, except in the picnic area, the lake shore and the camp ground. From what I see hear, you folks...
  18. Found Coin

    Thanks for the I.D., and the history lesson.
  19. Found Coin

    A friend got this in change. I thought it might be Polish. Anyone know what it is & value, if any. Thanks for looking
  20. New Guy Here

    Funny you should mention morels, my shroom hunting partner called today. It was fairly nice today & the fever is starting.