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  1. Jewelry

    So I went out to a local park today and found my first piece if jewelry. Don't think it's real gold might be gold plated, but still a cool find. Also found my first quarter outside my backyard.sorry if the picture is bad I had to use my phone.
  2. permission to md on private property.

    hey everybody was on my way home and found an old lot that just recently had a house torn down. i would love to metal detect on this site and since its private property i need to ask permission. does anybody have any words of advice on how to go about it? or a good strategy that might raise my...
  3. garrett pro pointer

    I'm new to metal detecting and have seen a lot of members talking about Garrett pro pointers? Do you recommend getting one. I usually hunt parks and the occasional beach trip. Appreciate all the feedback I can get!
  4. first day out

    went to the beach for the first time since i got my bh 2200 found 20 or 30 nails 7 pennies and 3 dimes not too bad for my first time. next time ill post pics im planning on getting a camera with my tax check :)
  5. hi new member here from san diego, ca

    hey everyone! just joined the site and wanted to introduce myself. im new to metal detecting and am very excited to meet new people with similar interests.