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  1. Anyone into arrowheads in CT?

    Been searching in vain this year!!! Looking for a teacher!!! Live in southbury, hit me up!
  2. connecticut id help???

    ??? this beautiful baby came out of the ground in southbury ct!!! its my first :thumbsup: can someone knowledgable help me identify plz.??? thanx in advance-ghost13_boo
  3. looking to learn in CT

    ??? hey looking to learn from someone who knows what they're doing!!!! i live in southbury ct and being recently unemployed have alot of time on my hands lately!!! anyone wanna take a pretty resourceful rookie under their wing??? no prob w/ hiking all day through prickers and or taking the rough...

    jeff, bear w\ me, i found today that i cant wait 4 the dirt 2 thaw round here!!! so i will be hitting the beach tommorrow, (stratford milford new haven whatever) any1 interested hit me up here or at or 203 264 9858 ben hoping 2 hear from some local hunters!!! 1nce again...
  5. estatic!!!!!

    well ive been avoiding hunting around my house (being it was built in 1970, southbury ct). due to lack of transportation (wifey was workin) i trudged back through the woods behind my house. couple OLD stone walls no evidence of foundations hit a couple of them w/ not much results!! found 1 old...
  6. farmhouse southbury ct

    house was built a little after 1900. this was my second trip! a good cross section of what i found so far! 2 stamped jello molds unknown metal unknown year (1 destroyed) 1 stamped cup reads "old mother hubbard" and i can make out a lady. reverse reads "the cow jumped over the moon"w/ a picture...
  7. ct sight

    hey this is probably in the wrong spot but i thought it would be worth offense takin if it's moved. i'll probably be hitting it tommorow barring rain!!!