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  1. Quick Hunt

    Needed to stretch my legs yesterday afternoon I found a little Obsidian Bird Point Gunther Variant Date: Cultural Period: 1,500 - 400 B.P. Developmental to Historic Vandal Minimum to Little Ice Age Yana Culture Glacial Period:
  2. Quartz Paleo

    Great Basin Stemmed Cluster / Lake Mojave /Silver Lake Paleo personal find Camino N. California
  3. New Photo

    Some old finds testing camera uploads from windows 11 and having problems. The wife said you still have every arrowhead you ever found take more photos? a little fuzzy? 
  4. Kelsey gold California

    With all the rain recently the seasonal drainages on our place have enough water to pan. My son's find's two hours in pouring rain moving a lot of rocks.
  5. Quick Hunt

    I got out a few days ago after rains washed away the snow on a low elevation site. My finds for the day all in the Sierra Contracting Stem Cluster 3000-2000 BC may continue to 1000 - 500 BC Basalt and Slate. And a Basalt Steamboat Lanceolate same Cluster. Surface finds N. California Sierra...
  6. Elders Camp

    Group photo of days surface finds after major rain storm N. California foothills . Sierra Contracting Stem Cluster starting around 3000 BC
  7. Great Basin Points

    Some of my personal surface finds from the high desert / Great Basin .
  8. Mine waste piles

    A short hike but real steep near home is this old mine waste pile that still has some Gold . You can still find some rich ore if you take your time and work hard when crushed this stuff is loaded with gold .
  9. Quartz Gold

    My son Seth found this heavy chunk of quartz with gold showing on both sides . There's an Indian head penny for size reference in one photo Foresthill Divide N. California with an Equinox . And a lot of gold rush junk this little piece of quartz sure has some weight to it .
  10. Quartz Gold

    My son Seth found this heavy chunk of quartz with gold showing on both sides . There's an Indian head penny for size reference in one photo Foresthill Divide with an Equinox . Sorry wrong forum but we all like Gold .
  11. High Country Hunt

    My son Seth and the old man managed a quick hunt yesterday ahead of some spring snow . Above 7000 feet and real windy yet warm enough to hunt in a light shirt 6 hours in the high Sierra Nevada's . I found the broken points and scrapers my son found the obsidian Sierra stemmed point a few brokes...
  12. Elders Camp

    Real nice weather so a short hunt was in order grass was high so on with the snake guards . Tough hunting no bare ground and all the gopher mounds were powdery dirt nothing showing . No rain to wash things down so I just flipped every chip and found a few . Nice quartz Dart Martis Cluster and...
  13. Quick Hunt 4 / 1 / 2021

    Quick hunt on the black rock desert twenty feet from camp find of a life time obsidian Snake Blade .
  14. Rainy Day Hunt

    Good steady rain last night and showers today uncovered a few for me . I've been hunting this same 2 1/2 acres for over forty years I try and hunt this camp after a rain . I found a couple of Barbed Gunther arrow points and three rough old dart points early to late archaic . N. California...
  15. Big Nugget

    A friend of my son just found this N. California today more info when I get it . So this photo was sent to my phone by accident so I don't have permission but I think it was north of 500 grams
  16. Trade Beads

    Glass trade beads off my property N. California Its been rainy and cold last few days . It makes a good rainy day project to string up a few all personal finds off a large native camp . The strand has about 196 beads a little larger than those on the penny . The little red bead is the smallest...
  17. Soapstone Beads

    Small beads from the pacific north west . Just trying a new way to upload a file
  18. Quartz Scrapers

    I was dusting these off so a new photo was in order Personal finds N. California . Knife / Scraper
  19. Site Frame

    Old photo of personal finds from one site N. California . This is how I stored until moved into frames just testing upload from files . Bad photo but the upload worked Most of them ended in this case with green background .
  20. My Oldest Point

    Personal find central Sierra Nevada foothills El Dorado County . Haskett Time Period : 13200-8000 B.P. Location : Idaho, N.W. Nevada and Southern Oregon. Shape : Lanceolate / Basalt Description: A medium to large size, narrow, thick, lanceolate point with parallel flaking and a ground, convex...