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  1. Minelab ctx 6"coil help!

    I have a CTX and I am considering buying a 6 inch coil. I like to hunt a certain ghost town and homesteads where I live. Can anybody guide me and direct me? Anybody out there have good or bad experience with this coil?
  2. Coin star silver

    Yes I am that cheapskate that checks the coin star tray for change. But today I struck silver! A 1953 and a 1964 dime in a pile of quarters in the tray of a coin star machine.
  3. MT ghost town hunt

    Did a little detecting and found a ornate pocket watch and also a privy that rendered some nice bottles.
  4. Ctx and gold coins

    I am hunting a ghost town this weekend and having wild fantasies about finding gold coin. Can anyone tell me what a gold going rings up on the CTX?
  5. Yellowstone River shark?

    Found this tooth on the Yellowstone River this spring can't tell what it is. And it doesn't seem to be petrified.Any ideas?
  6. First and best so far!

    Found this platinum ring in an old-school yard of all places. It has 14 small diamonds encrusted around a one carat diamond. The large rock we had an insurance estimate of $5500 happy anniversary honey!
  7. Old school yard

    Hit a schoolyard today that is old and also as 1001 nails and it was able to squeak out a 1937 s Washington and a 1924 d mercury boo Ya!
  8. Howdy

    New to forum.auger tones in big sky country.