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  1. Teknetics Liberator coils

    Couldn't pass up the Liberator at $219. But I didn't notice it uses the push in coil connectors. My best guess is that I can use my older Fisher F5 coils that uses the push in connectors? (The earlier F5 used a push in connector as the earlier Greek series)
  2. Cibola, Vaquero ground balance changes with frequency switch

    Observed something new today I havent seen. Grabbed my Cibola and was testing a new coil in the garden. Just wasnt doing great, so I checked the ground balance. The thing was pushing a tone. Noticed the frequency switch was in f2, switched it to f1 and was pulling a tone and got expected...
  3. Tejon sensitivity control

    I understand the sensitivity control is inoperative in all metal mode on a Tejon just as it is in other Tesoro models. I can't wrap my head around the idea. I overlooked no sensitivity control in all metal on my Vaquero, super tune it and blast away. But no sensitivity control on your top of...
  4. Outlaw no motion all metal quirk

    So my new Outlaw arrived and went to the garden. Had an oddity in no motion all metal. The disc affected it somehow. Did some searching and found a video demonstrating the oddity. At 4:55 What is going on that the disc setting is affecting all metal?
  5. Size of rubber screw on switch boots

    What size threads are the Tesoro switches? 10mm, 12mm, 3/8, 1/4?? Ive seen it posted but failed searching this morning. Thanks?
  6. Silver umax all metal depth changes with disc setting

    I'm crazy I guess. Was in the test garden after work today with my Silver umax and 11x8 RSD coil. Got a silver quarter buried that the Silver umax will not hit in disc but will hit in all metal sometimes. Was trying to figure out why it was inconsistent. Basically set the Silver umax in all...
  7. TreasureNet Android app posts missing?

    Anybody else having app issues? Posts are missing. If I go to a thread with like 8/8 pages, you might get to page 5/8 and no posts are listed. Ive cleared the cache, memory, and just now uninstalled and reinstalled the app. What have I done? Thanks, Steve
  8. 4 and 5 pin coil connectors

    Are the Tesoro coil connectors available open source, or are they proprietary? Thanks!
  9. GoldBugPro crosstalk

    Anyone with experience know how far a pair of GoldBug/GoldBugPro detectors need to be separated to eliminate crosstalk? Friend of mine asked me to go detecting a new place and I was wondering if two GoldBugPro would be a problem. I read one place said 15ft separation for detectors in...
  10. Vaquero discrimination vs all metal depth

    Just getting to love my Tesoros, I don't want to bother everyone repeating what has been said too many times already. But this Vaquero is something else! Super tuned, hits quarter deeper than any other detector I have. Discrimination still works at those depths. Question is, when you switch it...
  11. F5 air test baseline

    Anyone with an F5 post a few simple air test measurements for me? Like a silver or clad quarter using gain 50, disc 10, threshold -3, ground balance default, any coil, I have several. Something simple I can use to see if my F5 needs help. Thanks!
  12. Vaquero sensitivity setting all metal inoperative

    Just got my new Vaquero this week after having a blast with the Silver uMax. What I noticed is the Vaquero sensitivity setting in all metal is on full. Turning it down has no effect on the Vaquero except in discrimination mode. Sensitivity adjust does work on the Silver uMax in all metal and...
  13. Cibola ED120 or ED180?

    I've seen lately Cibola specs listing ED120 and others listing ED180 discrimination. The Tesoro catalog and website lists ED120. Thanks!
  14. Laser Scout upgrade

    Apologies for any duplicates, didn't see anything in searching forums. Saw on Pentechnic's website an "upgrade" for the Laser Scout, mentioned up to two more inches of depth, tone upgrade. Ran a few Internet searches, found nothing. Just curious what is being done? Adding a ground balance...
  15. Detectors year of introduction?

    Detectors' year of introduction? Tried searching, but I was wondering if someone had built a database of detectors and their approximate year of introduction. I'm guessing some LostTreasure reviews would be close to their year of introduction....
  16. GTP1350

    Picked up a friend's GTP1350. Nice machine, I like the profiling. Using coins, depth wasn't bleeding edge as my GoldbugPro and F70, but similar to my F5, both using their factory 10 elliptical coils. I know with the Fishers I have, replacing the 10" elliptical with a 11DD coil, made a huge...
  17. Fisher old and new connectors

    I'm sure it's been asked before, sure would be nice to have some molded adapters to run old coils on new rigs or new coils on old rigs due to Fisher going from pushon to screw on connectors. I am disappointed someone at Fisher forget to notice my fingers aren't small enough to screw the sleeve...
  18. Tesoro website down?

    Tesoro website down temporarily?
  19. coil identification

    Having acquired several used coils, is there any way to identify them as to which detector they match? While some have the F75 sticker, the 10" elliptical stock coils of the F5 and F70 have no identifying marks that I can see.
  20. Gamma all metal vs discrimination mode

    I have the Gamma as well as other detectors. I thought the Gamma would have more depth in all metal mode vs discriminate mode as other detectors but I haven't been able to notice any difference in air tests or the test garden. Tried different number of tones also. Did I miss something?