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  1. Last few water hunts…...

    Nice finds Mike. I had an arrowhead pendant like that when I was a kid. KK
  2. Big Silver!!!…..

    Congrats!! Nothing like popping big silver! KK
  3. 2019 so far

    That's a great first 6 months! Happy hunting and keep us updated. KK
  4. Short morning hunt

    I'd call that a successful day! Nice finds
  5. Only had an hour so I peeked for old

    I'd dig five hundred pull tabs for that find. Great Job!
  6. Dollar coin, lead die, military badge, scout slide and a pile of clad

    Great finds! I'll bet that die is a little older than you are giving it credit for.
  7. 3 silver day

    There is nothing like popping silver... but three at a time ?!? That's a great day!! 8-)
  8. Is there anybody out there........

    The Oak Island boys are from the Traverse City area which is in the lower peninsula. Yoopers call these people Trolls because they live below the bridge.
  9. 1915 barber dime in great condition

    nothing better than popping silver!! Nice find
  10. Big sable Point, North of Ludington, Michigan Beach Finds 1930.

    Probably why there is no metal detecting allowed in that part of the park. Neat story!
  11. Cracked open local park to find silver dimes and relics!

    Nothing is ever hunted out. I spent two years in my own 60 x 80 backyard and dug over 200 coins. Persistence pays off.
  12. Colonial G-O-L-D...field of dreams produces shocker!

    why hunt any where else?!? Dig until the last beep is dug!!! HH
  13. Lake gold and silver rings along with a Merc!

    What a great spot!!! I would pound that one until the last beep was dug! Congrats
  14. Finally out again!!

    Glad to see you're back in the game!! Great first day back!!!
  15. Short hunt nets silver…..

    Nicest pendant I have seen on here in a while. If I brought that home my wife would confiscate it within seconds of getting in the door.
  16. Good hunt yesterday...

    I'd take that day any time!! Love the Merc imprint
  17. THunting in the Traverse City area?

    Pretty quiet on this topic... No one wants to give up the goods...
  18. Got a sweet coin the other day!…...

    great dig!!!
  19. Last weeks finds

    that's a busy week! My knees would be killing me with all that digging
  20. Grand Rapids/Wyoming, MI club...

    Grandville here and also interested.