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  1. what is a good site for old topo maps of TX
  2. Afternoon drive

    Gorgeous shots!
  3. Wife Kicks my Butt with Silver Spill, SLQ, Barber and Merc in last Hole

    She definitely earned that Chicken Alfredo! Nice finds and great to see a detecting couple out there. Keep hitting that spot, and HH!
  4. Looking for people to go metal detecting with in Jefferson County or St. Louis county

    Hi Ron, I’m in Chesterfield (west St Louis County). If you’ve got a spot in mind hit me up, be glad to swing for a bit. There are also two clubs in our area, both of which have a pretty robust membership base. I don’t belong to either, but I’ve been to meetings and they are both friendly. Kevin
  5. Buried treasure competition in Canada

    Looks like a trip to visit our friends in the North is in order... starts June 1st, 2019.
  6. 1900 pocket spill provided me with a bucket list coin today.

    Awesome finds, and in pretty amazing shape!
  7. Equinox ownership poll. 600 or 800?

    Love my 600, but I was also trying to keep within a budget. If you can swing it, it just makes sense to go for the 800.
  8. I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!

    Way to go, Dave! Great job keeping your chin up and being patient. Best of luck with your new gig!
  9. The Lost Playground

    Yup. That’s how I’ve been pinpointing. I was digging about a six inch plug centered around that spot and all my coins were smack dab in the middle today. I will say that the trash was generally on the back edge of the hole, which would coincide with the nut as you described.
  10. The Lost Playground

    My son and I Geocache from time to time and we discovered one in our neighborhood not long ago. The development we live in was built in the early 1980’s, and up until about fifteen years ago there was a hidden playground in the woods, across this great little footbridge. All that remains is a...
  11. US Military Pin - Need ID

    Small world. I actually live in Chesterfield now. I’ve only been in St. Louis for about a year and a half, I e loved all over but am from northern New England originally.
  12. US Military Pin - Need ID

    It looks like a general services US Army officer coat button, which would be 20th century.
  13. Nox 600

    Very cool find! I started out with the Nox just a few weeks ago, and am loving it. Search Equinox on these forums, most of what you find written for the 800 directly applies to the 600, and as mentioned, YouTube is your friend. HH :icon_thumleft:
  14. Got my white whale... Diamond!

    NICE! Great job staying focused and not giving up!!!! She's a beauty for sure. :occasion14:

    Certainly a tremendous return on your time investment! That’s an amazing variety and volume of finds. Well done and HH!
  16. GPS device to enter exact coordinates and have it take you there - Android?

    You can also look up by coordinates on Google Maps, create a route (basically the same idea as waypoints), and then send the route to your phone and use the Google Maps app. I've been able to successfully Geocache and Letter Box using that technique. This of course assumes that you are not in...
  17. What is it

    I believe that's Dutch; the last word on the left side translates to "given". The script is pretty hard to read due to the style.
  18. 1st hunt with AT Pro nets 1st Shield nickel

    Nice shield! Always a rush to find those early production years. HH!
  19. Brought the new Nox 600 out for a stroll

    Thanks to RobNC I've added the Equinox 600 to my arsenal, and being such a beautiful day I took her for a walk in my backyard. My overall impression was very positive, and it was nice to get back in the mud again. I ran in Park 2 and tried a pair of the SoundPeats LL earbuds. Unfortunately, they...
  20. 💵 FOR SALE Replacement Sheath for White's Digging Tool

    New, never used in perfect condition. Currently listed on eBay, will do private sale if necessary. Local pickup in the St. Louis area available as well.