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  1. Member Steve1236 Sent me some druzy quatz and fire agate specimens.

    Hope you enjoy. The last two are back lit.
  2. Steve 1236, here are a few photos of the specimens you sent.

    Finally got to it today. Druzy and fire agate close-ups.
  3. Yellow Fringed Orchid

    I've had my eyes peeled for a wild orchid, ever since I learned they could be found in South Carolina. Quite a few varieties around, but this is my first. After around ten years of looking, I spotted these growing in a shallow, overgrown ditch today, by a secondary road. The total bloom is about...
  4. Monday, Two Hurricanes in the Gulf.

    I just checked out the National Hurricane Center, and they predict two hurricanes, at the same time, in the Gulf Monday/Tuesday. Unusual.
  5. Pawleys Island Beach Renourishment.

    Took the short drive ( 25 min. ) to Pawleys today, to check on this beach project. Interesting. I hadn't seen one in action before. Note the ship on the left, over 2 miles offshore. That's where they're dredging the sand from, and pumping it here, in the pic, through huge pipes laid across the...
  6. What a way to wake up

    5:30 this AM, I got out of bed to visit the loo. As the radiator started draining, I got a sensation, like I had stood up too fast, super dizzy with sparkles. My next sight is of the side of the toilet bowl, viewed from the floor. My left arm is in the toilet bowl, elbow bent over the rim, my...
  7. Wading Birds 3

    Snowy Egret, Rosette Spoonbill Lesser Yellow Legs Short Billed Dowitcher Wilson's Snipe Little Blue Heron All for now.
  8. Wading Birds 2

    Brown Ibis White Ibis, Snowy Egret, Rosette Spoonbill Rosette Spoonbil Coming...Wading Birds 3
  9. Wading Birds

    I was scouting a State property, for future metal detecting, and came across a flooded old rice field, loaded with bird life. I hurried home for my camera gear. Only 25 minutes from home, I went right back a got a few nice shots. I returned on Veteran's day for a some more pics. Enjoy. A crew...
  10. Wildlife Photo of the Year

    Found this on BBC. Yongquing Bao, of China, won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award for capturing the battle between a young marmot and a fox on the Quinghai-Tibet Plateau. Despite mother's help, the young rodent became supper. Such a great photo.
  11. Snaggle-tooth shark...Hemipristis serra

    Close-up photo I took of one of my fossil tooth finds from a couple years ago. This site was a new housing development construction on dry land. They skimmed off the upper layers of soil, to reveal an undisturbed former seabed, that was loaded with fossils. Estimated age of this layer is around...

    Of course it is. FYI. A recent dig in SW France, near Cognac. A late Jurassic ( 140 million years ago ) Sauropod's thigh bone, 6 1/2 feet long. It is estimated this beast weighed 40-50 tons when it walked the planet. Just thought it was interesting. Edit: Source, BBC.
  13. Popular Mountain Trail

    Swung by Everest this week. I was gonna hike to the overlook. Had heard the view was terrific. I was not the only one with this idea, what with the great weather and all. I waited in line for 15 hours, and decided to come back another day... Pulled this from BBC this morning. People are dying...
  14. Charter Membership Renewal Issue

    Went through pay pal to renew membership. Paid on May 1. What's the problem? I sent a message to "contact us", but no reply. It shouldn't be this complicated. Really.
  15. I can't figure out my Charter Membership renewal procedure.

    Never mind. I finally got it. Going through PayPal is pretty awkward.
  16. My Granddaughter's International Coinstar Handful!

    My grand daughter Audrey hit the coinstar, on the way out of Wally World today. She did good!

    Just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to engage with humanity for a while. I have been hermitized over the last ten years or so, and I really enjoyed having some input into SOMETHING. I gained satisfaction contributing where I could, loved seeing your finds, photos, adventures. I admired...
  18. Easy and Delicious!

  19. Hunt For a Lost Ring

    The weather has been just right, so I called my friend and told him I could make it down this week to hunt for his friend's lost ring. He's been trying to get me to look for it all summer. The site was a concrete truck yard, like a blast furnace during the heat. Anyway, went on the hour and a...
  20. Wall of Time

    If you could build a wall, where 1 inch of length equaled 50 years, and build it long enough to represent the age of the Earth ( 4.5 billion years ), when finished, your wall would be about 142 miles long.