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  1. The Lordsburg Door or Gate

    Pretty far out there, but does anyone have any info on this. According to some blog posts I found ... "The Lordsburg Door, also called the Lordsburg Gate, is said by locals to be a sort of vortex, a naturally occurring portal that bridges time and the dimensions of space—a hidden gateway in...
  2. Trip To Hunt For 17 Tons Of Gold In New Mexico March 2010

    Seeking members for an expedition to the 4-Corners - Shiprock New Mexico area for a treasure hunt in March 2010. Sponsors also welcome.
  3. Some Treasure Hunting Questions

    I have a friend who has a few questions regarding treasure hunting on the big scale and I'd like some input before I get back to him. Thanks! 1) If I were to find a treasure in a country other than my own, and have it brought back to my own country, is that illegal? 2) I'm aware that some...
  4. Free diamond Hunting Ebook

    Here is a free diamond hunting ebook as a short thank you for joining the Facebook Treasure Hunting News Page and helping out with my Treasure Hunting Survey.
  5. The Treasure Hunter (Howard Jennings) - Free ebook

    Hi all; I'm doing some market research for my business and will give you a free pdf ebook if you take my short survey. Thanks!
  6. The Thunderbird

    Does anyone know any of the stories/legends behind the Indian Thunderbird?
  7. Salars General Store

    We had a small store in town at one time and a major presence on ebay, but finally gave it all up. I'm starting up a small online store that will hopefully grow into something larger as time goes by. Just kind of a hobby for now and a way to generate some extra cash. I'll try and get a...
  8. Salars Family Website

    I've started a small website and am collecting and classifying different treasure hunting stories, facts, history, etc. Feel free to submit your own stories or edit the database. Hope you enjoy it!
  9. Stage Stop Question

    Does anyone know if there was a stage stop located close to Steins Peak, Burro Mountains, SW New Mexico. Couldn't find one on the Butterfield maps I have-possibly another line???
  10. The Lost Adams Re-opened

    Does anyone have any info on which area The Pine Cienega Group (involving the late Gene Ballinger) were searching for the Lost Adams Diggings in? Was the main search area in the Mule Creeek/Frisco area or was it further South towards Glenwood/Cliff/Mangus Springs? Randy.