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  1. What model fishing reel? How old is it? Found next to chattahoochie River.

    What model fishing reel? How old is it? Found next to chattahoochie River.
  2. Possible native American artifact. But what is it

    In picture 3 4 5 6 if you look closely it has Lines stenciling. Kind of What would be on native American pottery. Is this native american? Could it be pottery?
  3. Found next to blacksmith shed in Georgia.

    What is this. I look up google images and the number on it nothing came up. It says H 1768-B 29 at first i thought it was a handle for an antique tool. But now i Do not know. I wonder how old is it? Handle is small.?
  4. Found in natiahoochie River georgia

    What backround Do i use? For the objects and natural light or flashlight?
  5. Found in natiahoochie River georgia

    Title chattahoochee River edit* What is this? Found in old area in water. I cleaned The rust off. How old is it?
  6. Found metal detecting in georgia.

    I'm not an expert I do know nothing about washers im serious.
  7. Found in civil war battlefield in Georgia.

    What is this wierd thing it has lines. How old?
  8. Found metal detecting in georgia.

    I will report u for being mean I'm not an expert on this. Yor messing with me.
  9. Solid brass handle

    100 years or older at least. It's easy just look at the patina. It's been underground for a long time.
  10. Looks hand forged.

    Mystery from the mid 1800s farm. how old? Could it be hand forged by blacksmith? That is on site?
  11. Found in mid to late 1800s farm in georgia state.

    What is this. It has fabric all around. How old is it?
  12. Found metal detecting in georgia.

    Found metal detecting in georgia. At a house built in the 1830s. What could it be? How old could it be?
  13. Plumb bob or something else?

    I bought these two in the antique store. One with handle. One without handle. One with small nut looking things. One without. How old are these? The flower design is beautiful on both.
  14. Blue flower small vase.

    Bought this in goodwill for $1.41. I can't understand cursive writing. In picture 4 i cant understand what is under the black writing? In assuming not old. Maybe you can tell me how old. Thanks all.
  15. Blue vase.

    Thank you.
  16. Blue vase.

    Same deisign on both sides. Bought this blue vase in antique store. How old is it? Age?
  17. Round heavy iron.?

    Found this diggin in American civil war area. What is it? And in picture what is the black rock its very lightweight and shiny. Found it while cleaning it up. Could it be civil war era how old?
  18. Lead thing with loops

    Some type of net weight. for fishing.