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  1. if iknow were gold bars are what next

    I am doing research and have been for about 4 years, on some Spanish gold bars, which as taken me a lot of hours never mind how long it takes to narrow down where "HYPOTHETICAL I believe I know were it may be , so what next. remember I have not found anything has yet buy may, and if I do, then...
  2. Amarillo,TX

    Well any good places to hunt mding in amarillo,tx how about any treasure stories, thanks for looking Walt :read2: :coffee2:
  3. here is an how to on panning gold from 49ers

    need help on panning or metal detectors ,classifers videos links a great show :icon_thumright:
  4. what size classifers

    I am thinking about buying some classifers but not sure what size i should get, I am thinking about 3 of them for my buckets and then put down my sluice or in my pans thanks for your feed back
  5. winter snow melt slowing down

    well the snow melt is slowing down and i am ready to go panning this weekend and i found an old mine so i will be hitting the tailings with my md and pans
  6. I took this photo what is it??

    Hello all well I took this as it look really cool but can you guess what it is ?? or is it from outer space , how say you.
  7. I did not need a metal detector for what I found

    Well on the way to work today left the house at 0700 and once i got on Main ST in Roy I saw something in the road but could not stop so I went a round the block and stop and pick it up wow a bill folder, once I got to work i called to see if I could fine the mans phone number but with no luck...
  8. 2011 is the year for money

    Hello all well 2011 will be a great year for hunting clad etc , this year I will do better and a lot more hunts in parks and if any one that is in Utah, I do live in Roy so dust off your Metal Detectors and lets get a good year in, and yah I wish you all good luck, now if you look up my posts...
  9. utah wilderness law sucks

    I have seen a lot of laws come and go but Utah is pushing for the wilderness law were once placed you canot go into or on with motor vehicles and also cannot treasure hunt for anything and they are taking up a lot of land for this as anyone else come across this ??? just anther way to keep us...
  10. old book printed in 1945 on the USS OBANNON

    old book printed in 1945 on the USS O'BANNON I found an old book in a used store, Action Tonight printed in 1945 about the USS O'Bannon I got it for .50 cents I lookt it up on the internet and found 1 on ebay starting off at $55.00 still have 8 days to go, any way this Tin-Can Steam ship was...
  11. all that clad? what Pennies to look for $$$$$$

    Here is a link for you all, What Pennies to look for.could add up to $$$$$ have fun and good luck :icon_thumleft:
  12. STARTED Dowsing

    :read2:I have read a few books on dowsing and how to make my own, I have two sets of rods one being 12" long and the other 14" long and both work very well, I test them about every night in doors and out. I have been thinking about a place that I have been to with my gold pan etc and after...
  13. how to minelab Xterra 705

    Hope that this will help you all out a link :coffee2: :read2: :thumbsup:

    OK I have read in the book Lost Dreams Die :help: About Willard DRY Canyon were gold is to be found [idea] Bingham Young once said he could stand in his doorway and see where veins of gold and silver were hidden? in the mountains, but that the time had not yet come to mine them.Perhaps he was...
  15. Gold mines in Utah

    This link is for you miners that are looking to mine and own your mine here in Utah, Gold mines silver, iron, we find old mines put a claim on the and resell them on ebay all mines come with photos go to this link you wil spend hours looking at all the photos...
  16. The lost Roades mines Found Videos of mines in Utah

    Well you can still and try to find The Lost Roades Mines I found this link 1 of 10 videos about the mines :read2:
  17. platinum

    Can one find platinum when panning for gold? lol yah i know its a dumb question but at $1500 an ounce
  18. any luck rjwmam

    well the dogs got me up at 5:00am today so i stayed up i am not the one to go back to bed once up i am up for the rest of the day, after reading back over the old post i was just seeing if any of you are still here in Utah and how about rjwmam how did it end for you in the black rock? and if any...
  19. TreasureNet and Whites Metal Detectors forum as 1

    I found this on Whiters Forum whom i am a member i copied it and past it for you all.A Message about White's Treasurenet Forums In an effort to better serve our customers, White's is in the process of moving our forums on Treasurenet. You will still be able to access the forums through the...
  20. UTAH anyone

    Well i will ask again is there anyone that would like to meet up for a hunt this weekend, i live in Roy get back with me