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  1. Alpena, Michigan

    I dig up old bottles anywhere from the 1890's to the 1960's out near Hubbard Lake, Michigan. I've found early glass Listerine bottles, Karol's syrup, a 1927 Vernor's bottle, Pepsin and antiseptic bottles, even old utensils. There are tons of old junk piles in the area.
  2. What exactly is the AOL Gold Rush?

    Saw the topic, got curious.
  3. Any idea what model car this is part of?

    I found these at the back of my property a few years ago and never found out what they are...anyone have an idea what model car these are part of? Being the area I live in, they might be part of an old Alpena Flyer... (The knife is just for scale of the..i think it's a part of a...
  4. Logging Hunt in Northeast Michigan

    I know logging is a MAJOR part of Alpena's history..let alone, the state of Michigan..and William Boeing's father has ties to the town, or more or less, has left a trace there by accident in his logging career...on Google Earth, look just a ways northeast of the Lafarge Alpena cement plant. If...
  5. Lumber Camps

    I know there are a lot of you out there who have some interest in early lumber camps, and I can tell you right up front that Alpena is second to none in the possible finds from the late 1800s to early 1900s. I've excavated sites of old camps out near Hubbard Lake and i've found some glass...
  6. Attic finds

    I was able to gain access to an old house near Lachine and in the attic I found a centennial U.S. Half dollar, a centennial Canadian penny, five wheatback U.S. pennies, one Canadian penny from 1957, and one lead wheatback U.S. penny from 1943.
  7. Hunting for hunts: Alpena

    Hey, anyone here know of any rumors of treasure of any sort in the Alpena, Michigan area? I've been digging up some remnants of an old lumbering camp out by Hubbard Lake and all I've found are old car parts from EARLY models and some whiskey and soft drink bottles...I took a look at an old wreck...
  8. New huntsman here

    Guten tag, my name is Logan. I have huge interest in valuables, like jewelry and coins, and I greatly fancy early 1900s firearms. Be advised; diehard conservative here. I live in Northeast Michigan and as of right now I excavate discarded bottles from the early 1900s to the '60s at the back of...