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  1. M1917 helmet?

    A friend of mine questioned whether it is British. I doubt it since it was made in Pittsburgh, Pa. by Acme Protection. I say it's some sort of construction/miners type lid.
  2. pre WW2 gilt artillery collar disk

    Anybody out there knows where I can buy a Gilt style pre WW2 artillery collar disk with "B" inscribed on bottom made of brass? Yes I tried e-bay, they have every letter but "B". Also known as waffle style, it should be gold color and not bronze dark colored. Need to make a set. Any help would be...
  3. Odd rare collar disk

    Ihave a u.s. collar disk with the letters PR stamped with the state of NY seal in the center. Any ideas as to what the PR stands for? Pioneer Regiment, Photo Reporter, Public Relations? Yes it's a screwback.
  4. M1917 helmet?

    I just recently aquired a WW1 american helmet with the heat stamping under the brim indicating "UC 308". Any chance that this was an american manufacturer? I know 'Z' is the most common because I have a few of those, but I read somewhere that the letters "X" and "Y" was also used. I find no info...